Tide Pods Review

Tide Pods

Tide – Tough

I have been making my own laundry detergent for a long time now.

However, one day last week I ran out of soap.  When I went to the cabinet to pull the ingredients to make a batch, I found almost empty containers.  Finally, after two joyful “laundry free” days, my son desperately needed a clean pair of jeans for school the next day.  When I finally got to the store that evening it was late and I was wiped.  I went to the laundry isle and scanned all of the brands.

Then, I remembered how much I love the individually wrapped Finish tabs.  Realizing the benefits of pre-measured, pre-packaged products, I grabbed a container of Tide Pods.

I have to admit, there is a strong bond growing between the Tide Pods and me.  Modern convenience is reinventing the way I do laundry.  It is nice to flip the lid on the tidy container and pull out a neat little capsule to toss in the load!

Tide Pods clean with a tough detergent, while fighting stains, and brightening your clothes all in one.  Besides the benefits of all in one power, Tide Pods easily dissolve in all temperatures of water.

These easy to use capsules come in different sizes and scents.  I purchased the 72 count in Ocean Mist scent knowing that I will get 72 loads out of this container.  There is no guess work, you know exactly how many loads of laundry you will get washed.

Available in Spring Meadow, Ocean Mist, and Alpine Breeze.  Safe for HE washers.  As with any household chemical, keep away from children.  Tide Pods may have a candy-like appearance to younger children.  Use caution to ensure your laundry area is safe and secure!

Try Tide Pods for yourself! Save $1.00 on ONE Tide Pods (14 -40ct) with this coupon.





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