Tim Horton’s Announces Price Increase August 02, 2017

Tim Horton’s Announces Price Increase August 02, 2017

Tim Horton’s customer’s please be aware.

On August 02, 2017 there will be a slight increase in the price of some of their menu items.

This is the second price increase in 3 years!!

Here is what the signage at my local Tim Horton’s reads;

“To our valued guests, Please be aware that due to rising operational costs, there will be a slight price increase affecting some hot beverages and breakfast menu items starting Wednesday, August 2, 2017.

How do you feel about this latest price increase? Will you be frequenting Tim Horton’s less because of this anticipated price increase?

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Update – 15 NewTim Hortons  Emoji’s added!!

Here is a cute download for all you fans of Tim Horton’s

Download this FREE  ‘EHmoji’ keyboard now and “text like a Canadian”

Find icons like the ever popular Canadian toque, beaver(one of our favorites here at CFS), Tim Horton’s coffee cup, and more.

Leave a comment via their Facebook page letting them know some other icons you would like to see on this app.

Click here to download your free Tim Horton’s  ‘EHmoji’ keyboard 

No end date is specified. For now this is a free download for iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

bacon image

There are some cool freebies being offered from Tim Horton’s right now.

Well, virtual freebies that is. Hey, free is free. Tim Horton’s now as New Thick Cut Bacon and hence the freebies.

First of all you can pick up a cool “Bacon” ringtone. I bet you’ll be the only one out of all your friends with this rockin’ ringtone. Well, the first anyway because when they hear this one they are going to want to grab it for themselves. Next there are two Bacon Facebook Covers. Forget the wallpaper photos now, it’s all about the Facebook Covers. Impress your friends list when you upload one of these pics; Better Bacon

My favorite would have to be the googly eyed bacon mascot. How funny is this?! I am thinking it would make me a little hungry if I had to open up to this photo every day though. Click here for free downloads

Free Wifi Last but certainly not least, is the FREE WIFI service you get at Tim Horton’s. If you want to get some online work done or just browse the net while enjoying a hot coffee, this is the place to do it. Many people like to just sit uninterrupted and catch up on their work.



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The Tim Hortons Brand

This company is most popular for it’s coffee and doughnuts. The ever famous Double-Double was first termed by Tim Horton’s locations.Their food and coffee is so good that their line-ups are constantly full. Whether it be the drive thru line or the line up at the counter. People love their products and keep coming back wanting more.


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