Tim Hortons CLOSES In Restaurant Dining – Drive Thru Open

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Tim Horton’s In Restaurant Dining Closed.

Due To COVID-19 Tim Hortons will be closing it’s doors for In Restaurant Dining.

Still available will be take-out, drive-thru and delivery service where available.

This shut down will be effective March 17, 2020 until the current Health Crisis is Over.

See the OFFICIAL News Release Here





Other Tim Horton News.


Tim Horton’s just released it’s new St. Patrick’s Day Treats and Beverages menu for 2019

This year you can find St. Patrick’s Day Donuts like the following;

  • Strawberry and cream donut: A Tim Hortons classic Boston Cream donut topped with sweet strawberry fondant for just $1.19
  • Strawberry dip donut: Similar to the Tim Hortons traditional vanilla dipped donut, except it has strawberry fondant and rainbow sprinkles. Also priced at $1.19
  • Strawberry cheesecake muffin: For the low price of $1.69 you can pick up strawberry flavoured muffin with strawberry pieces baked in. Inside you will find a creamy cheesecake centre filling.
  • New London Fog Beverage: A handcrafted steamed milk and earl grey tea topped with delicate foam and vanilla flavour. Priced at $2.29
  • New Apple Cinnamon Fog: A handcrafted steamed milk and apple cinnamon tea topped with delicate foam and caramel flavour. Also priced at $2.29

Hurry in and enjoy the new St. Patricks Day 2019 Menu items for a limited time.

Please note; prices and availability may vary by location.






Tim Horton’s Latest News

Attention Double Double lovers

Tim Horton’s as just introduced the NEW Tim Horton’s Double Double Coffee Bar!!

This product is a chocolate bar-sized edible snack made from the chain’s coffee.

The Double Double Coffee Bar does not contain any chocolate.

This convenient way to get your daily dose does contain caffeine. Take your Double Double with you when you are on-the-go.


Tim Horton’s News

If you are a lover of soup, this is going to make your day.

Tim Horton’s as just brought back the Spicy Thai Soup for a limited time only at participating restaurants across Canada.

Click here to find a Tim Horton’s near you.

Product is available for a limited time only. Drop in and try it today.


Tim Horton’s adds NEW Chicken Strips to its menu

This product is made with real whole chicken breasts battered in a crispy and delicious coating.

Enjoy the new Chicken Strips with sweet ‘n sour, honey mustard or BBQ dipping sauces.

Click here to find a Tim Horton’s near you. 

The new menu item at Tim’s is available for a limited time only at participating restaurants across Canada.


Tim Horton’s adds new menu items.

Tim Horton’s Introduces the new Sausage Wrap Snacker as well as new Double Double Timbits

Try a Sausage Wrap Snacker is an egg emelette, delicious sausage with cheddar cheese. Wrapped in a soft flour grilled tortilla.

Double Double Coffee Lover can also enjoy the new Double Double Timbits. What a great idea! This product as been added as part of the Coffee Flavoured Baked Good Menu.

Click here to find a Tim Horton’s near you.

Products are available for a limited time only at participating Tim’s restaurants across Canada.






Tim Hortons Canada have a NEW Timmies Minis pack for kids!

Parents & Kids can select 1 of 3 entrees to build the Timmies Meal:

  1. Mini Melt: Grilled cheese
  2. Mini Wrap: seasoned grill chicken
  3. Chicken Strips

Choose from one of the sides:

  • Apple slices
  • Cheesestrings
  • potato wedges

Drinks include:

  • White milk
  • chocolate milk
  • orange juice
  • bottle of water


The Packs retail for $4.99 

The Timmies Minis™ menu offers meal options with no artificial colors or flavors, a full serving of fruit and no added sugar.


Tim Horton’s News

Tim Horton’s as just introduced the New Belgian Waffle Breakfast Sandwich!!

Customers are going to be in for a wonderful treat this season.

Enjoy a delicious product that contains sausage, fluffy egg omelet, and processed cheese put together between two Belgian Waffles.

If that is not enough to get you up off the couch and running to your nearest Tim Horton’s location right now, maybe the fact that this is just one of the NEW Fall-Inspired Menu items to be found there.

Baked goods include the Pumpkin Spiced Muffin, Cranberry White Chocolate Scone, and more.

Top this off with a mouth-watering Hershey’s Hot Chocolate.

Fall just got a whole lot better at your local Tim Horton’s location.


Attention Poutine Lovers Of The World

Tim Horton’s as just introduced a new menu item!! You guessed it…POUTINE!!

I am a huge fan of poutine and I for one cannot wait to try this new addition.

This poutine is special because it is made with potato wedges!! Yummy! Covered in delicious cheese curds, and topped with a warm gravy.

Have you tried the new Tim Horton’s Poutine yet? If so, tell us what you think.

Tim Horton’s Poutine will be available at participating restaurants for a limited time only. Hurry in and try it today.

Tim Horton’s Home Made Ice Cap Recipe


  1. I would think that somebody at Tim Horton’s would have realized that there is only one n in dining.

  2. I will be happy with some of the changes eg. better heating and air conditioning. The location I go to in Calgary has very good seating arrangements and has been remodeled a few years back. I certainly don’t see the need for any of the franchises to do any unnecessary changes to their restaurants. All the Tim Hortons in Calgary are always busy, so whether it’s dining in or drive through, they are making a lot of money on their customers. Changing the decor isn’t going to make much of a difference to the many people who patronize these establishments. If the seating is minimized to include more elaborate seating then that will definitely decrease the number of people who will want to come there and enjoy their coffee and/or donut etc. Instead of keeping up with the Jones, they should spend some money on their employees with a monetary customer service achievement award.

  3. As long as the prices don’t go up because of this, it is really ok. But on the other hand, no matter what, it isn’t a fancy place to eat, so i don’t think it has to change, and it is a busy place already. Maybe they need to spend some of that money on there employee’s.

  4. This will be done at great expense to whomever owns the franchise and should be done only if absolutely necessary.


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