Tims Rewards Card – New Loyalty Program – 7th Visit – Free Coffee or Baked Goods




New Tim Hortons Coffee Loyalty Program!


OMG, I’m so happy! The day has come, and we now get a way to earn FREE Coffee as a way of being a Loyal Timmy’s fan.

It’s Pretty Simple and similar to McDonald’s Rewards Card.

Tim Hortons officially launched its new Rewards program. Now we as the consumers who join the program can get a FREE coffee, tea or doughnut after every 7th visit.

The Reward of a free coffee or tea can be any size, but all the baked goods ( except bagels and Timbits) are included in the rewards.

Any visit where you purchase over 50 cents qualifies for free rewards.

It Launched on March 18th – and it’s been a great hit so far, according to my local Tim Horton’s Drive Through Worker.

It’s Easy to Use and Redeem – and available as both a reusable card and a friendly mobile application.

Customers can either save up the rewards to 5 at a time, but must muse unused rewards within 120 days after being obtained.


Plastic Card.

I got a plastic card at the Drive-Through – So simply ask for one if you haven’t already. I love the plastic card personally – as I do not have to dig around and find the app on my phone to do rewards, as sometimes I find my internet with applications is sketchy at times, so I find the Plastic Loyalty cards the way to go.

Now you no longer have to wait for the “Roll Up to Rim” Contest to get a Free Timmy’s coffee!

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Tim Hortons is joining up with CIBC Visa Credit Card to Bring you Free Tim Horton’s Rewards.

This new CIBC Visa card will allow the cardholders to accumulate Tim Cash rewards. These Tim rewards than can be redeemed at Tim Hortons locations to purchase baked goods and, of course, Timmy’s Coffees.

Wallet Space Saver!

You will be able to use this card for both visa transactions, and a Tim Rewards Card combined.

How Good is the Deal?

You will be earning 1% of purchases made using CIBC’s new credit card towards Tim Hortons Gift Cards.

  • $100.00 will give you $1.00
  • $500.00 will give you $5.00
  • $1000.00 will give you $10.00


  • $20 Tim Cash™ Welcome Bonus
  • Free Tims treats just for being a cardholder every weekend,




What is Tim’s Cash?

Tim’s Cash is Timmy’s Gift Card you can purchase – only a card where you can buy goods at Tim Horton’s with – Generally, it is pre-loaded. I’m pretty sure this CIBC Card will be the same way – Just will be an excellent way of convenience to have both a visa and credit card into one card – and a unique way of earning a little bit extra with your purchases.


What Purchases will count towards Rewards?

Everything will count – except for your cash advances, interest, Tim Horton’s redemptions, etc. All of your bill payments if you set up on credit card to auto-pay will be included,


What I like: 

Instant use of Rewards – Not many rewards cards allow you to use rewards – Example Air Miles instantly – you will be saving up for a reward – and by the press release you won’t have to do that much – There’s no ordering a gift card or waiting to hit “x” number to redeem.

More Details on CIBC Tim Hortons Credit Card 



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  1. I went thru Tim Hortens yesterday and instead of a free coffee,I was told my card was “banked” I had no idea what the girl meant.Needless to say I wasn’t given back my card and paid for my coffee..

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