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Featured Products

Some of the delicious featured products that you can look forward to trying include;

  1. Tofutti Slices – cheese slices that are made with Soy. Perfect for vegans. Non-dairy.
  2. Cuties – ice cream sandwich that is bite-size. It contains zero cholesterol or dairy.
  3. Non-Dairy Ice Cream – Perfect for those of you that suffer from lactose intolerance, or other stomach issues that involve dairy tolerance.

This delicious ice cream comes in six flavours for you to enjoy;

Vanilla, Chocolate, Vanilla Almond Bark, Vanilla Fudge, Chocolate Cookie Crunch, and Butter Pecan

Enjoy some of your favourite flavours without the added stomach discomfort associated with those other dairy ice cream products out there.

Novelties like fudge treats. These are a favourite with old and young alike.

Chocolate Covered Flowers – edible flower nectars and Tofutti frozen dessert dipped in delicious chocolate for your enjoyment.

Marry Me Bars – I love the name on these. They are so delicious and tasty that you would marry them in an instant. Wouldn’t these make the cutest addition to a proposal even?

Fudge Premium Pops – Tastes just like real fudge bars but only has 95 calories and 1 gram of fat per pop. I love the fact that these are gluten-free and made with organic sugar as well.Island Farms Ice Cream Coupon

Coffee Break Treats – Treat yourself to a snack that is like no other. Only 30 calories per bar and is made with no added sugar. Bring on the dessert WITHOUT the guilt.




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