Top 10 Frugal Ideas for Mothers Day



10 Frugal Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s day is around the corner and I hope you are not leaving the gift shopping for the last-minute. Sometimes finding the right gift with a smaller budget can be time-consuming or Non Personal.

1. Create a Home Video  – if your talented and have the time. Take old home videos, and put in a collection of time. Perhaps as you and your siblings were growing up. And best of all – You’ll have a new Highlights on a CD. This would be a great hit for Mom.

2. Create an easy personal Gift – Consider Modge Podging   pictures onto a flower-pot and many more ideas can be found on pinterest

3. Create a CD filled with your moms’ favourite oldies – or songs that remind you of your childhood.  Perhaps you have fond memories of listening to favorite music on your travels with your mom as a child.

4. Customized Photo Gifts ~ If you’re in a crunch for time – consider visiting your photoshop store and buying a Customized calendar of all the grandkids, or I love you mom cup with her picture on it.   Many of these places allow you to search for photo’s on your facebook profile.  So you don’t need to find pictures on your computer or dig through photo albums.  Also you consider online services where you can pick up your photo’s or have them mailed to you. is one option and one for online  to have mailed to your home is Blurb

5. Bake a Cake  – If your handy around the Kitchen – Perhaps make your mom or Grandma a nice cake – or if your short on time consider purchasing one at your local bakery.

6. Give Flowers – If you have any ready – you can always pick a variety and set them in a vase or tin you have lying around the house. Or consider getting a cheap bouquet from places like Costco or local flower shop.  Again if  you look around on Pinterest, you’ll find lots of painting vases ideas or tin cans for inspiration

7. Taking your mom out for Lunch or Supper.  Check some of her favorite restaurants and see if they have any promotions.

8. Consider Taking your mom on a Picnic – Avoid the Reservations and long lines at Restaurants.   Find a Nice park or campsite – grab some Hot dogs, or sandwiches etc, and spend the day walking around and enjoying each others company.

9. Consider Purchasing a Mini Pedicure  or Mini manicure – If you shop around you may find a reasonably priced service, And your mom will love the pampering.

10. Give the Gift of Time. Consider Ideas such as a Coupon Book  and Spring Clean her house or Simply Spend the day going to the movies or whatever your mom likes to do as a treat.


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