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Jun 6, 2020

Winter is on its way – it’s chilly outside. Everyone now wants a steaming mug of Sweet Chocolate in the sense of a hot chocolate is every person’s favourite winter months drink! But why should you be pleased with a simple single, pkg of processed hot chocolate out of a container or package? There are tons of unique, delicious variations to find for a unique style to switch up your Go to Recipe!

16 Unique Hot Chocolate Recipes Homemade

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  1. UnskinnyBobby: Secret Perfect Homemade Hot-Chocolate

Via Unskinny Boppy 

“My mother taught me to mix sugar and cocoa powder until it was “the colour that hot chocolate is supposed to be.” I’ll try to be a little more exact.”

Ingredients Needed: Hershey‘s’s cocoa powder, white sugar, and milk

This is a Stove Top method – easy to make and chances are you have the ingredients!

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2. 42-Calorie Almond Milk Hot Chocolate

Via VeggieQuest

“Here it is mood-soothing, energy-boosting hot chocolate that’ll keep you out of the bakery—and in your favourite jeans.”

Ingredients: water, cocoa powder, Truvia (or other sweeteners to taste), Instant Coffee, Vanilla Extract, Unsweetened Silk Almond Milk

This method is a Microwave single-cup Recipe.

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3. Cookies & Cream Hot Chocolate

Via Sprinkle Some Sugar

“The addition of Oreos is the perfect touch! I can never drink hot chocolate any other way again.”

Ingredients: whole milk, hot chocolate mix, Oreo cookies, Whipped cream optional

This Recipe is designed for the stovetop

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4. Sugar-Free Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate

Via WholeNewMom

“The Recipe from Candida-Free Candee is for dairy and sugar-free homemade hot chocolate, which is so much better for you than the packaged brands. Perfect for cooler weather, though I would personally love it all year round!”

Ingredients: non-dairy milk (or water), organic cocoa, liquid stevia, natural vanilla extract (optional)

This method is done on the stovetop

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5. Copycat Recipe for Disneylands Hot Chocolate


“Disneyland’s Hot Chocolate Copycat that’s creamy and chocolatey at every sip! Rich and indulgent, it’s the perfect treat for cold winter days!”

Ingredients: milk, heavy cream, cocoa powder, milk chocolate, condensed milk, vanilla extract, whipped cream, cinnamon

This method is done on the Stove Top

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6. S’ mores Hot Chocolate

Via Domestically Blissful 

“S” mores Hot Chocolate is a cup full of your favourite fall campfire treat that you can enjoy in the comforts of your own home.”

Ingredients: Whole Milk, Dark Chocolate Melting Wafers, Torani Toasted Marshmallow Syrup, White Sugar, Vanilla Extract, Coffee Grounds, Ground Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Mini Marshmallows, Graham Crackers, Chocolate Syrup

A method is StoveTop, but you can melt your marshmallows in the Microwave

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7: CopyCat Starbucks hot Chocolate Recipe

Via Eating on a Dime

it states just like the hot chocolate you can buy at Starbucks! Make this Hot Chocolate Starbucks recipe

Ingredients: unsweetened cocoa, sugar, water, milk, vanilla

This method is done in the Microwave

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Via Swoon Food

“So without further ado, I give you THE most epic, hot hazelnut chocolate! Be warned, and this is not your every day hot chocolate …it’s …it’s special occasion hot chocolate.”

Ingredients: plant milk of choice, raw cacao powder, Hazelnut Butter, Chopped roasted hazelnuts, Chocolate Shavings, Marshmallows

Method: Heat the milk until steaming using either a steam wand, Nespresso milk frother or in a pan on the stove.

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via Kitchen Heals Soul 

“For a luscious hot chocolate that is not too thick and not too thin, you want to start with two parts milk (preferably whole milk) and 1 part dark chocolate.”

Ingredients: 3.25% milk Earl Grey tea bags, Cacao Barry Ocoa dark chocolate

The method is done on the stovetop

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10. Tumeric Hot Chocolate

Via Happy Foods Tube 

“Guys, this turmeric hot chocolate will not only warm you up but it also boosts your immune system!”

Ingredients: Milk, Unsweetened Cocoa Powder, Ground Turmeric, Coconut Oil, Black Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, and Honey

This Method is a Stove Top Method

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Via Gimme Oven

“Just grab a bar of your favourite white chocolate or some white chocolate chips, a pinch of vanilla extract, and you’re good to go. Simple, cheaper than your coffee shop, and wonderfully delicious”

Ingredients: milk, vanilla extract, white chocolate, whipped cream or marshmallows for topping

This method is a Stovetop method

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via Busy Creating Memories

“I absolutely love my Gourmet Hot chocolate with all the flavors, but the Belgian hot chocolate completely takes the cake!”

Ingredients: Milk, Dark Belgian chocolate, Quality Milk chocolate, salt, vanilla, Canned Whipped cream, cinnamon, White sugar

This method is done on the stovetop

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Via TornadoughAlli

“I mean, who doesn’t love pumpkin pie? Especially when you can have it in different ways that the traditional!”

Ingredients: sweetened condensed milk, heavy cream, milk, white chocolate chips, pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice, Whipped Cream

This method is done in the Slow Cooker

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14. Quick and Easy Chai White Hot Chocolate

Via Baking Mischief

“This Chai White Hot Chocolate also couldn’t be easier to make and needs only three ingredients: milk, good-quality white chocolate, and a chai tea bag.”

Ingredients: White chocolate, chai tea bag, milk optional whipped cream and cinnamon

The cooking method is done on Stove Top

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Via Certified Pastry Aficionado

“I talked about my obsession with peanut butter and chocolate. It’s been a combo that cannot be beaten. So my decision was easy: I HAD to make a peanut butter hot chocolate.”

Ingredients: semisweet chocolate chips, Creamy peanut butter, milk, unsweetened cocoa powder, mini-marshmallows

Cooking Method – Is Stove Top

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16. Mexican Hot Chocolate

via Melanie Cooks

This Mexican hot chocolate is like liquid gold! Forget the cocoa powder – this contains the REAL melted chocolate with cinnamon and spices!

Ingredients: milk, semisweet chocolate chips, cinnamon, vanilla, and chilli powder

Cooking Method is Stove Top

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