Track Your Grocery Savings by Percentage Tool




Here’s a neat little tool I designed for myself, and I thought perhaps thought you might enjoy it as well.

This tool is an Excel tool. Simply put in your Item, by regular price, sale price, amount of coupons, and the amount of that item you purchased.

  •  Total Value of your products before Sale price and coupons
  • Total amount of Coupons
  • Percentage saved
  • Math for you on multiple products
  • Up to 35 lines

There is one small glitch and that is

[box type=”shadow” ]If you purchase something at Regular price, you’ll have to re-enter that number as sale price so the cost of savings is zero for that product line. [/box]

Download Today for Free

Includes Weekly Tracking if shopping more than 1x per week.

Track for 52 weeks.

Also Notes and tips.



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