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Tresemme Brand Of Hair Care Products

Here you will find a complete line of hair care products that are salon quality but not salon price. You will get guaranteed results without paying an arm and a leg.

Personalized Hair Profiler: answer a few questions about your hair, and this profiler will recommend what products are right for you. Everyone is different, and so are their hair and hair care needs.


Anti Breakage, Classic Care, Climate Control, Classic Styling, Color Protection, Flawless Curls, Fresh Start, Heat Protection, Keratin Smooth, Moisture, Naturals, Nourishing Rituals, Platinum Strength, Smooth, Split Remedy, and Volume

If you have any of the above hair care concerns, you know which products to look for and try.

Styling Tips From The Experts

Here you will find great advice and tips on how to get your hair looking healthy and beautiful. Whether you want to add volume, waves, or get that frizzy hair under control, you will find it here.

How-to videos that will guide you through different processes step-by-step. If you want beautiful, manageable hair that will turn heads, you must trust Tresemme.

In 1947 a new hair care product was introduced. Tresemme was born. The name conveys the concept of “well-loved” when pronounced, and it sounds like the French term “tres-time.”

This is meant to convey the way hair care products treat your hair. When Tresemme was first created, only salon owners could buy it. Later, it was offered to the public in general.

Tresemme Canada has a lot to be proud of, but they are best known for one thing: hair repair. When hair is exposed to heat from blow dryers and chemicals used to style hair, it becomes brittle and has split ends.

The formula used by Tresemme Canada helps to repair the hair and leaves it looking soft and full. Today Tresemme Canada has the same solid reputation it had when you could only find it in salons. It also has a line of hair treatment formulas for just about any hair type.