Venus Razors $2.49 each at Amazon Canada

Venus Razor Deal found at Amazon Canada

Right Now you can get Gillette Venus Tropical 3pkg of disposable razors for $7.97 and there is also a $0.50 off Instant Coupon to make this deal even sweeter for $ 7.49. This works out to $2.49 for each razor 

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How often should you change your Venus razor blade?

This is a Hot topic and nobody can seem to pinpoint the actual time to change our any razor blade. Some say between 5- 10 shaves and some say as little as 3-4 uses.

I think this is why I love Olay Venus razors – when the soap is almost gone – I know it s time to change the razor head.

But for sure you need to change your razor blade when you experience any nicking or starting to see any signs of rust.

Which Venus razor is the best?

There are so many variations of razors – and in my honest opinion “rock what you prefer”. If moisturization is important to look for a built-in soap. If multi blades are your thing – look at using a males razor. If you want corners – look at Venus Swirl. If razors aren’t that important for you – then look at price per disposable.

How do you remove a blade from a Venus razor?


1. Twist the handle of the razor counterclockwise to expose the blade

2. Look for a release button Usually at the back of the exposed blade.

3. Release it and dispose

4. Place a New blade in it by using the same release button to reattach the new blade.


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