, Vicks Contest : Win Vicks Sweet Dreams Cool Mist Humidifier




Vick’s Giveaway for Canada 2016

Enter for a chance to WIN a Vicks Sweet Dreams Cool Mist Humidifier from Oh Baby! Magazine

Choose one of the following designs;

  • starry night
  • sea
  • safari images.


  • Daily entry 
  • Open to Canadian residents only
  • Ages 18 and older
  • Excludes Quebec

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This contest ended on March 11, 2016

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Vicks Vaporub

When your child has a cold, one of the most trusted products is to be the Vicks Vaporub.

When my child has a stuffy nose or difficulty breathing at night because of a horrible cold, I know that I can trust Vicks Vaporub to help them breathe easier. Just rub it on their back, chest area, and even a little under the nose to ensure that they get a good night’s sleep.

There are many products available, from Topical Ointment to Vaposteam. The Topical ointment is the number 1 selling children’s brand of cold/flu products. There has got to be something said for that. People know that this product works and have been trusting it for years. It has been handed down through the generations.

This brand has come a long way to ensure the health and well being of both kids and adults alike.

Vicks Vapo Family Of Products

Here are just a few of the available products to look for;

  • Steam Inhalers, Vapourizers, Thermometers, Humidifiers, Children’s Cough & Cold Medicine, Custom Care, Nyquil, Puffs Plus with Vicks scent, and many more. Look for these the next time you are at the store.