Want to Earn up to $50 worth of Coupons From Us?

Want to Earn up to $50 worth of Coupons From Us?


Starting on Wendsday  July 18th 2012. All you Canadian Shoppers can start earning money saving coupons from us!

Take Your Camera Shopping!

  • Take a picture of product
  • Take a picture of coupons inside or outside box
  • Write up on the coupons inside and anything important such as excludes
If we decide to use your picture/write up We’ll give you the coupon code for $3.00 to weclip.ca ( Canada’s first clipping coupons service) where you can shop yourself for coupons. Each coupon has a different value from a $0.05 to $0.30 depending on availability.

See if the product has been already Listed before entering 

See Bounty Example of picture: 


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How do you get the coupons?

We Will give you an individual Coupon Code for you to shop at Weclip.ca and you can pick out the coupons.

Coupon Value : Unknown But it would be a minimum of 13 Coupons . Based on Value I’d say you would earn a minimum of $39.00 value of coupons to add your collection, but could be as high as $50.00 value.

Each coupon costs between a nickle and 30 cents, and each coupon you order will vary on price. ( based on supply and demand)

So What are you waiting for : Get Earning some FREE coupons 


How many can I sumbit?

As many as you want. Just use the form for 1 product at a time with all the information.

What is the waiting period?

Summer May be up to 3  days ( on weekends)  – Fall /Winter: within 48 hours We will let you know.

How will I get this coupon Code?

By email: ( Please include your email address in the body somewhere:) This is the email address we will notify you with as well as send the coupon code to.



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