Wantable Canada Subscription December 2014 Box Review



My awesome Wantable Canada December 2014 Box

I think this is my most favorite box yet!

The Cozy Winter PJ lounge bottoms are so very warm!

I did give them to my daughter – as I do love them, but unfortunately I get to warm these days quite easily – I tend to wear lighter things to bed.

The Two Pc PJ set is unique!



The Bottoms of this set are shorts and the top has long sleeves – they both have a touch of velour on them.

Also not pictures is a pair of underwear ( light pink and black)

I am always excited to see what I’m getting each month! And this month – they have separated some items from each other – Like Lingerie is now not part of lounge wear – so if your not a lingerie fan – you can’t know choose to dislike it.  – So I unclicked for this upcoming month!

As Always I can’t wait to see what I get next!

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How it Works – for Intimate Box 

You choose what you like and you need to like a minimum of two categories when you take the quiz.  Here’s my list of what I love,like and dislike from my invoice.


I’m sort of wishing I wasn’t being so conservative when I did the style quiz ( It’s great you can change your preferences month to month though)  I did a quick search of what other’s received this month – and I am totally envious of some of the cute things I seen.

How Much does Wantable Cost?

You can subscribe One-time purchase for $40, or subscribe for $36 for monthly Subscriptions

How Much is Shipping to Canada

$6.00 to Canada arriving by Canada Post – It takes 8 – 12 Days to arrive.

Is it worth it?


By time you add in tax and duty charges the bill works out to $47.01 per month.

No doubt it’s an expensive box to be signed up for monthly!

I did sign up for a monthly box – not based on My box – but from other people’s of what they got in the month of June for the Intimate box.

I did change my settings and am hoping to get some more fun cute things that other’s received.  As I mentioned earlier – I think I played a bit too conservative on my end. I am getting older, but geez I still want to be cute from time to time.


My Wantable Box for End of September that arrived in Canada!

Overall I was happy with this box.

You can never go wrong with a White tanktop  – snug and soft just the way you want it!

My favorite piece is the light pink lingerie – It is so soft- I’m not a fan on how it looks on me – but I am not happy with the majority of my wardrobe currently either.  It did come with matching thong underwear – but I do think this would of been super cute with matching short short bottoms.

Also I got another Lounge tank top – which looks great with some of my grey pj bottoms.

Last but not least is a tummy girdle – which I have not even tried on to be honest.


Check out what others received by using wantable’s Instagram account 


This month’s Wantable Intimate’s Box for August 2014 Looks like so much fun!

Here’s what was in my box this month!

First off at the top of the box was a Coral colored Baby Doll From Icy Hot  Priced at $42.00

Not shown as it’s still attached but a thong coral underwear came with it!  This baby doll set has underwire built in bra. I love the coloring of it!

I love the blue Tank Top It’s my favorite tank top so far!  Brand is Yummie Tummie and retail value is $34.00.

This tank top is reversible and is made with a patented material which maintains body temperature – so it will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer


And a box is never complete for me without some new underwear – This month I got pink one’s from brand name Rene Rofe.  Each are valued at $14.00 each!

My total box retails for $104.00 according to my sheet!

Overall I’m not sure if the box is really valued at $104.00 but I think It’s probably worth $50-$60 ish.  I know I’m not one to pay $14.00 for underwear, nor would I have spent $42 on that babydoll! But I do think this box paid for itself – and I’m totally excited to wear my tank top for when I hit the gym come next month!


July’s Wantable Intimate Box


So This month I decided to Change things up and switched around my loves and likes

And this is what I got this month

a Black Slip dress – Looks great! Seems really stretchy, and will be perfect for those times you want to smooth out the rolls you have under the dress, and has built in support for the “girls”.

A Green Standard tank top – cotton material – is okay as well – great for the rest of summer.

Leggings: Okay – they are a little bright for for me – I think I’ll be donating these to my daughter or one of her friends.  The leggings are really soft I have to admit.

Pink Frill tank top – loungewear – I think they are suppose to go the leggings and wear around the house or as jammies ( not sure) but it looks okay and is very thin.

3 pairs of ankle socks! – I can always use more socks – especially since they constantly disappear.

Everything in the box was valued at a minimum of $18.00 each  – so it made this box valued at almost $80.00 worth of product.

I actually loved June’s box – which I didn’t do a review of.

May’s Box – Review


You know how things work in mysterious ways!

I was just simply thinking about cancelling my Julep box after 2 years, just due to bordom of the whole thing, when I was contacted by Wantable.co to do a Review of the box and they shipped me June’s Intimate box as a Free Gift to Review.

I was so pleased as this was the company I was seriously looking at subscribing to.

I was so pumped as You can choose 3 different subscriptions.

  • Beauty Samples – 4-5 full sized samples
  • Accessories – 3 full sized jewellery pieces or it can be watches etc
  • Intimates box – 4-5 full pcs of clothing.


I chose the Intimate box  – for the following reasons

I simply have too much stuff! – I have more than enough makeup. I am a simple girl – I have my favorites and it doesn’t seem to matter how many samples I get I really don’t change much.  I think makeup is fun and a few things along the way have become things I now order.  Not to mention sometimes these samples aren’t big enough to get a full sense of whether or not you like them either.

I like Jewellery – but again I am a simple girl – I work at home – I don’t get out that often – and I already have enough accessories to wear .

But the intimate box – what girl can have too much underwear?


Here’s what I got in my Box for June


A Thin Strap Cami Coobie in the Taupe color – According to my invoice it’s valued at $18.00 .

It’s very stretchy and actually a very nice material.

A Dark Grey Lounge t-shirt  – According to my invoice it’s valued at $18.00

It’s a very thin material and will make great lounge wear on evenings and comfy enough to sleep in.

3 Pairs of Underwear. –  2 pair are valued at $8.00 and one pair is valued at $16.00

The $16.00 one is actually the lighter colored one.

Upon close inspection these underwear seem to  well made, especially the lighter color by Honeymelon.

According to my invoice I got $68.00 Manufactured Priced value.

I will update you for July’s Box !

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( Note Again – I was sent this May Intimate box in exchange for a review of the box. All opinions are my own and no paid compensation was done)




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