Well Canada Credit Card Information Compromised


Well Canada is sending out Emails today to all affected Online Shoppers that placed online orders from December 22, 2013 through January 7, 2014, as some credit card information may have been leaked.

But Well Canada is helping law enforcement/credit card providers . They are doing their best to deal with the situation.

You Can find out more Information on this matter on their Website 


If you have more Questions or concerns support@well.ca or toll-free at 1-866-531-2654.

It’s such a shame that these low lives Hackers Exist  – and its a shame it’s not Well Canada’s fault – You hire the best professionals to set up your online store and Hosting – and there’s always someone looking for a weak spot to get in.

I guess the Hackers were busy this Holiday Season – And Targeting Target USA and Target Canada wasn’t enough!





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