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What to Buy in February in Canada

Don’t think that your shopping quota at low prices and get discounts on your desired items have been over after grabbing some New Years’ deals in January. February might be the shortest month on the calendar, but it gives you plenty of savings opportunities.

Apart from Valentine’s Day gifts, you’ll find good deals on various necessities like winter coats and tax software. Let’s have a look:


Last Chance to Grab Winter Apparel

Winter is almost gone. So, it is a good time to snatch a deal on winter apparel, which is on clearance at this point of the season. Retailers have to clear their shelves to make way for spring lines, which gives you the chance to save huge on unsold coats, sweaters, and scarves. Many retailers will also offer discounts on Family Day sales. So, you don’t have to be ambitious to get 60% to 70% off on winter apparel at your favourite brands and retailers.


Buy a Plane Ticket and Take a Flight

Have you planned to visit somewhere this month? Why do not taking advantage of cheap flights through seven Canadian cities? Newly launched airlines often offer deals on airfares during their inaugural months, and NewLeaf is the one to get your airfare deals in February. The airline offers extremely low fares between seven Canadian cities. This Year only 2016 


Make Your Savings on Valentine’s Day Gifts

February is not just about chocolates and flowers, but who can resist the temptation if they are available at low prices! The month of love offers you a good chance to grab all the items with a lovey-dovey theme at discounts immediately after Valentine’s Day. Don’t only look for chocolates and flowers. You can get home décor, clothing, stuffed animals, Fragrances and other things with a love theme at discounts. Don’t forget to Check out Jewellery Stores as well after February 14th.


Save on Indoor Furniture

Indoor furniture pricetags are slashed in February because stores need to clear out their current stocks to make room for the new furniture styles rolling out this month. However, remember purchasing from mass-market retailers such as Ikea and Walmart instead of catalogue retailers because the latter offers more savings through the former’s deepest selection.


Scoop up Super Bowl Discounts

The Super Bowl 50 is due on February 7, and the Canadians love it! In fact, on a per-capita basis, more people in Canada watched the Super Bowl last year than in the United States. That means you are going to get huge discounts on big-screen TVs and home theatre systems this month. Also, many companies like PepsiCo are offering special discounts during the Super-Bowl-month. Grab the ones that catch your interest!



You don’t often see people riding a motorcycle or using a Fishing Boat or using an RV in February, right?  Check out RV, Boat and Motorbike showrooms for Great Deals This month!  Prices in Show Rooms will be slashed so they can replenish with this year’s Newest Trends.

Since riding and using these Summer Toys is limited in the winter months, this is the best time to buy yourself a snazzy new bike, as prices will be slashed to encourage sales.


Produce on sale in February:

Bananas, Grapefruit, Kiwi, Lemons, Oranges, Carrots, Cucumber, Lettuce, Mushrooms, Onions, Potatoes, Butter Nut Squash,

February is a good month for bargain hunters but doesn’t just pounce on every discounted item. Remember that many clearances and discounted items will be on final sale this month. So, be careful before placing the order because you can’t return them later.

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