Whiskas Cat Food Prices and Coupons

Whiskas Cat Food Prices and Coupons

Whiskas Cat food! One of the cheaper “Brand” Name brand cat food.  This is the brand our “Dexter” eats.  He’ll also eat the dog’s food.  But he needs his Whiskas!

The Regular Price at Walmart is $7.93 for 1.5kg

It will sometimes go on sale for $7.49 and once in a while for $6.99.

This Year there is a tear pad for any Whiskas Dry Cat food for $1.75

Shoppers Drug Mart carries this size and brand for $9.49 ( Ouch!!!)

No Frills also carries this brand and size for $7.99 .( Similar to Walmart’s prices)

For Me when I run out in between sales. I will pick it up at Walmart.

I picked up a few  bags today with Walmart using coupons $7.93 – $1.75 = $6.18 per bag.

If they would of been on sale at the low $6.99 I would of only paid $5.24 per bag.  ( Savings of $2.69)

Or a Huge savings over Not using this at Shoppers Drug Mart at $9.49 – $5.24 = ($ 4.24 for savings)



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