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Here are the Latest Coupons for Whole Foods:

Coupons may vary by location. The coupons below are based on BC, please select your location to get up to date coupons available to you.

  • Each Store/Province has different deals and each place has different expiry dates.  You will need to select your store and see what is available for savings

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Whole Foods No Longer has Coupons – Just Deals & Savings

Enjoy savings from different brands including

  • Ester-C Energy Boost (30-pack)
  • Alba Acnedote Skin Care Product
  •  Elevate Me Bars
  • Kiss My Face
  • Hero Nutritionals
  • Enjoy Life Products
  • Nature’s Gate Hair
  • Mighty Leaf Tea Item
  • Bottlegreen
  • Knudsen
  • Rudi’s Organic Bakery
  • Rudi’s Gluten
  • Natural Foods Organic Almond Beverage
  • Yves Fresh or Frozen Products
  • SunButter
  • Skotidakis
  •  Amande
  • Steaz Iced Tea

Whole Food Markets has 3300 GMO-free Products available and more being added each week.

Great Place to shop with those watching for GMO products and want to eat more Organic and dietary free friendly foods such as Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and Vegetarian delights.