, Free Yoplait Freezer Pack from Yoplait

Yoplait Free Yogurt Freezer Pack

Here is how to Get a Free Freezer pack for your yogurt

  1. Purchase $10.00 or more of Yoplait yogurt products in one single transaction
  2. Snap a picture of your receipt using your smartphone
  3. Upload picture online

Participating Products:: Yoplait Tubes (8×60 g, 24×60 g), YOP Drinkable Minigo Yogurt (Yoplait Minigo Drinkable Yogurt, Yoplait Source® Yogurt, Yoplait® Creamy Yoplait® Source Greek

Only 7500 free Yogurt Freezer packs available.

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Offer expires by October 31, 2017, or while Quantities last.

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More about Yoplait:

In Canada, General Mills does all its marketing for Yoplait yogurt, including Mingo, tubes, yop, yoptimal and Asana. Back in 1971, the largest dairy cooperative launched the Yoplait brand in Canada. In 1993 Agrifoods and Agropur, with being the two largest dairy productions in Canada, combined their yogurt and cheese marketing & manufacturers to Ultima Foods, which oversee the brand until 2012. General Mills took over. The license.

The Name:

Come from the two cooperatives, “Yola” and “Complaint,” merged, becoming “Yoplait.” Their logo was a six-petaled flower designed by Philippe Morlighem and now is only five petals

Founded back in 1965

Yoplait can be found in the dairy section of any  grocery store:

The main competitor is Iogo in Canada