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Aug 30, 2020

Save on Glasses With Zenni 

Do you wear glasses?

Are you wanting to save money, or simply own a lot of pairs to have matching glasses to your clothing.

We will show you the latest Zenni Optical Canada Promo Codes and savings right now.

Zenni Optical ( Zennioptical.com) has a vast selection of affordable glasses you can order online, including prescription sunglasses.

Canadianfreestuff is always helping you save money, and one of them is for your eyewear.

See below for the latest Zenni Optical promo codes and discounts




Zenni Optical Canada Promo Code – August 2020

Promotional Code

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Shipping to Canada: 

Standard Shipping Estimated Delivery: 14-21 shipping days $9.95
Express Shipping Estimated Delivery: 7-14 days is $15.95


30-day return from when you receive the glasses, You will need a Return authorization number, You can get a return of 50% return ( excluding shipping) Any shipping charges will not be refunded.





Money-Saving Tips for Zenni Optical Canada

Glasses from Zennie Optical Canada

Make sure you bookmark this page to get the latest Zenni Optical Canada promo codes. We’ll always show you the latest sales and coupons.

Also, if you refer a friend – You will be sending them a $5.00 off coupon code, and you as well will get one in return.

Track your Zenni order

You can easily track your order with Zenni Optical from the moment it leaves the warehouse. Tracking for Canadian Customers is provided with Canada Post. Just simply go to the Canada Post Order tracking page and enter your order tracking number and see where it is in the shipping process. Expect any Zenni Optical Order to take 14-21 days to arrive, unless you order a faster shipping option at checkout.

Zenni Optical Return Process

The Zenni Optical return policy says the customer can return any product within 30 days of their receipt. The customer must Call Zenni to obtain a Return Authorization Number, but be warned. Not all returns Qualify for a Complete refund. If you simply dislike them or don’t fit the way you thought, you can only apply for a 50% off refund or get a 100% credit. If you simply want to return any accessories you purchased, You can get a refund for the full 100%.

If it happens to be broken in shipping or you break them in the first 30 days, Zenni will repair or remake the glasses. Shipping Costs under any circumstances are Refunded. So be sure to keep watch for Zenni Optical promo codes for Free shipping opportunities.

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About Zenni Optical

Zenni Optical is a well-known shopping alternative in Canada. It originated back in San Fransisco, and they are strictly an online retailer. The products include prescription sunglasses, reading glasses, clip one and everyone in the family, including children. They are all No Name frames, which is what makes them so affordable. The affordable price is even more affordable when you pair it with a Zenni Optical Canada promo code.

Prescription glasses can be hugely expensive, but Zenni Optical is an online retailer of prescription glasses that is very affordable, so affordable, you can experiment with a variety of colours and shapes to match your outfit.

Zennie Optical exclusively only sells its brand. You will simply just need to focus on the looks of the structure you like and the colour scheme available.

Zenni Optical Review


Zenni Optical has very mixed reviews across the globe, some people have reported issues of slow shipping times, and mistakes on prescriptions. However, the other side of the coin is several positive reviews only due to their affordable prices. Zenni Optical Canada Coupon codes are easy to input and relatively easy to find, and even Zennie has a Public Online Forum to help resolve problems.

My Review

I shop from Zenni Optical at least once a year. I find they are easy to order and arrive quickly, and I’m not dishing out $400 for a pair of glasses. If you’re all worried about quality, etc., You could always try these as a backup pair or order these glasses for Fashion Reasons. I know a few ladies that own Zenni glasses for holiday dresses etc.

All you need is your prescription to order – By-law, where your eyes tested – they have to give you your prescription for FREE. But what will cost you money is the Pulmonary Distance – But Here’s how to measure yourself – See this PDF File so you can get it for Free.



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