Ziploc Sandwich Bag Sale is Back



Ziploc Bags Deal for Canada!

Shop and get 4 x 90 Ziploc sandwich bags (Easy open tab)  for just $9.99

Walmart Regular Price is $3.49 for a bag of 90 bags! So shopping is definitely the way to Shop this week!

Free Shipping on orders over $35.00

Ziploc Brand Products

Ziploc has a wide range of products from bags to containers where you can find to store your food – this is their expertise today!

There are many types of Ziploc bags on the market today:

  • Ziploc seal Sandwich bags with easy tabs
  • Freezer bags with the ziplock seal – also they have the Portions type bags for freezing – so if you’re a single person and need to freeze single chicken breasts – they have a bag for that!
  • Are you a calorie counter, type person – Check out their portion snack bags and help with counting your grams of calories.
  • Ziploc Brand Zip N’ Steam. Cook those frozen veggies or just about any food that can be steamed in the microwave.

What kind of plastic is used in Ziploc bags?

Ziploc bags are made with a product known as “film” in the recycling industry. The film is made of low-density polyethylene or high-density polyethylene

Is it safe to boil in a Ziploc bag?

 Ziploc freezer bags states on their box that they are microwavable safe. 

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