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Are you an Air Miles Collector?

Present your coupon at Safeway Stores and get the following;

  • SPEND $100, GET With coupon and a minimum $100 grocery purchase made in a single transaction.

Click here to print Air Miles Coupon (found in Safeway Flyer)

Valid September 01, 2017 – September 07, 2017

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About Air Miles

Air Miles is a good way to Earn Free Rewards. You are already making the purchase, why not collect the rewards!

You can earn these miles with Shell ( Gas Station) Various Grocery stores such as Safeway, Drug Stores: Lawtons & Jean Coutu, and various restaurants such as Boston Pizza, Earn on Office Supplies at Staples.  Even Earn money at Christmas by shopping at Toys R Us.

Most Merchants will ask you at checkout for your air miles card, but it’s important for you to know who accepts them, so you won’t forget to use it when possible.

Merchants will simply swipe your cards, and you can look or phone air miles to get your balance.

Redeem for Travel, Cash, Gift Cards, electronics and more.

Air Miles Canada is the largest program of its kind in Canada and was started way back in 1992. The program has grown to where they now have over 100 different partners participating giving huge benefits to customers across Canada for doing what they already do…spend money.


Some of the more prominent partners include Toys R Us, Bank of Montreal, Shell, American Express, Safeway and even Sobeys. When customers spend money they earn with Air Miles Canada. The important thing is to learn who accepts the rewards so that you can be proactive about asking for them when sliding your card.


Air Miles Canada is most effective for travel.but you can use it for all the other things as well. Being diverse and taking advantage of all the opportunities available is the key to big savings with Air Miles Canada. There are nearly ten million people participating now and that number is sure to grow in the years to come.