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The Boogie Wipes Story

Two mother’s by the names of Julie Pickens and Mindee Doney was looking for a solution for their children’s red and sore runny noses. Tissues just didn’t seem to cut it when it came to soothing those already sore noses.

As a mom, I can relate oh so well. I guess that’s why this product as taken off so quickly.

In December of 2007, the first ever package of Boogie Wipes was sold. You could imagine just how happy these two ladies were.

In the first year of business alone they reached the one million mark. By 2009 this company reached $3.4 million in sales. Now THAT’S impressive!!


Saline is the secret when it comes to Boogie Wipes. That’s why they are so soft and tolerable for little one’s noses. Comes in Great Grape, Fresh Scent, and Magic Menthol(when you need a little extra boost to get rid of that stubborn mucus).

Also, find Simply Unscented, and Boogie Berry as well.

Available in 10 counts, 30 count, 45 count, and the 90 count canister sizes.

Look for the new Saline Mist to hit stores in the very near future. If you love Boogie Wipes you are sure to fall in love with this new product as well.

Special Offers

From time to time, you will find special offers and promotions being offered by Boogie Wipes. Right now you can find secret codes inside the products pull-tab.


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