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  • Chocolate Snack Pack Pudding Cups
  • creme filled chocolate sandwich cookies (Oreos)
  • orange & green Twizzlers from the rainbow Twizzlers


  1. In a small ziploc bag, crush up the Oreo cookies. Set aside.
  2. Cut the green Twizzlers into about 1 inch pieces with a sharp knife. Split these pieces lengthwise. With kitchen shears, cut slits that resemble foliage in one end of the green licorice. Snip the opposite end into a narrow point.
  3. Cut the orange Twizzlers into about 2 inch pieces.
  4. Assemble the carrots by inserting the pointed ends of the green tops into the orange licorice centers. You will need about 3 carrots per pudding cup.
  5. Top each pudding cup with a handful of the crushed cookies to resemble loose soil. Place 3 carrots into the middle of the pudding cups & gently push down into the ‘soil’. Serve immediately.


Recipe inspired by: The Seven Year Cottage {}