Deep Relief Contest – Win Deep Relief Prize Pack

Deep Relief Contest – Win Deep Relief Prize Pack

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New Deep Relief Contest for Canada – January 2016

Leave a Facebook comment for a chance to win a Deep Relief prize pack containing the following items;

  • Heat Spray and Ice Cold Spray


  • Open to Canada only
  • Single entry
  • Quebec friendly
  • Ages 13 and older

Enter Deep Relief Contest

This giveaway ends on Jan 20th at 12pm EST.



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Most Popular Deep Relief Products

It seems there are three types of products that top the list of best-sellers from this brand. They include;

Deep Relief Gel – Ice cold gel that penetrates the skin and gives that overall cooling affect to the injured area. Comes in regular as well as ultra strength gel.

Deep Relief Patches – These heat patches are placed on the skin to provide a warming sensation. Great for arthritis, muscle and joint pain and minor aches and pains.

Deep Relief Essential Oil – This product comes in the form of a roll on pain reliever. It contains a blend of oils that will relax those sore tender muscles and help with the pain.

About Deep Relief Products

Deep Relief Ice Cold Pain Relief Gel
• Reduces inflammation
• Works on skin contact
• Fast  and long lasting

Muscle Ache Relief Ultra Strength Ice Gel works i

• Immediate cold pain relief
• Reduces inflammation
• Handsfree applicator

Warming Muscle Ache Relief Ultra Strength Rub

• works on skin contact
• Fast acting, long lasting

Muscle Ache Relief Night Time Rub
• Begins to work on  skin contact
• Helps you relax and go to sleep

Dual Action Neck, Shoulder neck, shoulder  and Back Pain Relief Patch
• Reduces inflammation
• Can be cut to  size
• Discreet

Touch Free Sprain & Strain Relief Spray

• Reduces inflammation
• Works on skin contact
• Great for hard to reach areas

Penetrating Cool Sprain & Strain Relief Gel 
• Reduces inflammation
• Works on  skin contact

Ultra Strength Dual Action Menthacin Arthritis Relief Rub
• With Menthol and Capsaicin
• • Safe and effective
• Works on skin contact


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