Free Mac Cosmetic samples are available in store. I have to admit that I am not a fan of makeup, but these freebies might change my mind! You may get new lipstick shades and lip glosses for free when you visit the counter at Hudson Bay or MAC Store. Just ask for your choice of “free” colour, even if it is one you wouldn’t normally try.

Free Samples at MAC

To get a sample of MAC products, go to the MAC store or the beauty counter at Hudson’s Bay store. Ask an employee for a sample at either store, and chances are they will give you a sample if they have any to give.

If you are making an online order at Mac’s Cosmetic store, select a free premium product as an add-on.


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Free Sample

    Mac Store in Canada

    Mac Cosmetics Store in Canada

    MAC Cosmetics is proud to make some of the most delicate quality makeup and beauty products. They have an excellent range of products; They have everything from highlighters to lipsticks.

    MAC Cosmetics was initially created by two male Canadians, Frank Angelo and Frank Toskan,

    In 1984 these men came up with M.AC cosmetics after searching for better quality cosmetics for their Models.

    Since then, there has been no looking back for this brand as it has gained much popularity and success around the globe.

    M·A·C does not test on animals!

    So what else can be expected from a company that does not even test its products on animals? M·A·C Cosmetics has never tested its cosmetic items on other living beings. This is why it has such a positive reputation in the cosmetics world.