One A Day Coupons for Canada

  • Save $2.00 on the purchase of any One Day Product.

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    Where to Take a Printed Coupon for Vitamins?

    Some Good places that usually will take a Printed coupon from One a Day Vitamins ( Smartsource) are the following stores: Walmart Canada, Shoppers Drug Mart, Real Canadian Super Store, London Drugs, No Frills, Jean Cotu, Lawtons, Save-on-Foods and more.

    Prices of Take One a Day

    pricing sale

    Walmart Canada

    • One A Day Product 90 count multi vitamins average price $11.97

    Real Canadian Superstore

    • One a Day product 60 counts multi vitamin regular price $12.98 and can be found on sale for $8.98

    Why Take a One-a-Day Multivitamin?

    Because up to 90% of Canadians  fall short in getting
    essential nutrients from food without extra support in supplements

    Vita Craves – New Product:

    VitaCravesWith Healthy Metabolism Support is specially formulated with all 8 B-Vitamins, which help your body convert food into fuel. +  it has Chromium, which allows the use of carbs

    100% gluten-free.

    Take your multivitamin with food to reduce the chance of stomach discomfort.

    Take a few hours before or after taking other medications.

    One A Day vitamins for Women

    As women, we need to take ourselves as we care for our significant others and children.

    Choose from MultiVitamin Tablets – formulated to help maintain immune function with the bonus of healthy skin.
    They also make a Women’s Multivitamin in Gummie form if you prefer a candy daily treat, packing some vitamins and minerals into your body.

    One A Day Multivitamins for women 50+

    They also make a special vitamin supplement for women over 50 to support eyesight and good bone health.  Plus, as a bonus, it helps with healthy skin.

    Find everything One A Day has to offer on their website.