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    Royal Canin Canada Brand

    This brand of pet food was founded back in 1967.

    A vet named Dr. Jean Cathary was the person who founded it.

    It did not come to North America until 1988.

    It has been over 50 years now, and Royal Canin has proven to be one of the most trusted pet food brands around. They realize that each pet has specific needs and wants and help pet owners find that need and meet(and even exceed it).

    In 2002, this brand joined forces with the Mars family of businesses.

    Its main headquarters is located in  Guelph (Ontario).

    Works closely with specialists and vets, and skilled animal nutritionists daily to ensure your pet is the best possible experience for your pet food choices.

    Royal Canin Cat Food

    When you see the brand name Royal Canin, consumers think of dog food. However, they also offer a wide range of cat food as well.

    Premium cat food can be purchased at Pet Specialty stores across Canada.

    They even have an online cat guide for all your cat-related questions or concerns.

    Historical background of the brand

    Royal Canin was founded by Jean Cathary, a French veterinary surgeon, in 1967. Jean had veterinary practice in the Gard region of France. At this period, he checked many pets with various health problems. Cathay discovered that the cause was dietary. So he developed a cereal-based recipe to deal with this problem.

    This new recipe proved its efficiency in dealing with problems pets were presented with. In 1968, the formula was registered with the trademark “Royal Canin.” So he decided to close his veterinary practice, to focus on developing the feed. Since then, this brand has become the most popular dry pet food in France and the first distributor in Europe. In the beginning, it was targeted mainly to breeders and German Shepherd associations.