YTV Contest Canada: Win a Poopsie Slime Surprise Prize -$800 value

YTV Contest for Canada 2019

Enter to Win a Poopsie Slime Surprise Prize

1 prize to be won:
(a) one (1) Pooey Pouitton;
(b) two (2) Unicorns;
(c) ten (10) Poop Packs;
(d) ten (10) Cutie Tooties; and
(e) ten (10) Sparkly Critters

Approximate retail value of prize $809 CDN.

To enter this contest, simply fill out the easy entry form at the link below.

Good Luck.


  • Residents of Canada only
  • Excludes Quebec
  • Age of majority
  • Daily Entry

Click Here to enter Contest 

This YTV Contest ends on April 20th, 2019


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YTV is a Canadian English-language cable television specialty channel aimed at kids and their families.

The YTV site always has fun contests for you and your kids to enter, games, videos, shows and more!

It is a great site for kids to explore, watch videos and play. If you have a kid or know any kids,, chances are they love YTV!

With shows like Spongebob Squarepants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Fairly Odd Parents and much more, YTV is family’s headquarters!


YTV was licensed by the CRTC back in 1987 and has been around since 1988.

YTV was the takeover to prior 2 special programming, serves that operated Ontario cable companies. YTV ‘s its sister network, Treehouse TV

In 1998, YTV began to use a Nickelodeon-style “gross-out” factor in its branding, used the slogan “Keep It Weird”. The channel’s advertisements often focused on crude

On October 6, 2014, the channel underwent a brand refresh, with new graphics and bumps

Nerf Segments on YouTube

The YTV has a whole Nerf Segment on YouTube! It’s a cute little watch! And who doesn’t’ love Nerf guns or Nerf everything!

What’s your favourite Tv show on this channel? I’m so out of sorts myself – with no kids at home – I hardly have any idea what’s trending anymore or what I am forced to watch these days!   And I was never a Bob Sponge SquarePants fan either! I’m not sure if that is still popular or not – but I sure hope by the time I’m forced to cartoons all day again something else will be in fashion to watch!



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