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Affresh Washer Cleaner is Priced at Walmart Regular Priced $8.97 for 3 tablets per package.

What Washer Cleaner Does:

Its formulated tablets help dissolve residue and help remove any odours that may arrive from previous laundry detergent that didn’t dissolve properly. Designed to be effective in all washing machine brands, including front loads.

The package says for best results to use 1x month.

I have yet to try this brand of washer Cleaner, so perhaps now I will. I’ve had success with Tide’s washing machine cleaner. But I am open to other brands.

About Affresh Washer Cleaner

With time, unwanted odour caused by sticky odour-causing residue can make your washer machine so stinky. In this case, Washer cleaner is what you need to make your device smells like roses. Well, Affresh is what you need for this mission. This great Washer cleaner can penetrate the washer, breaking up residue and making it look cleaner than before. These fabulous tablets circulate through hard-to-reach spots such as hoses, pumps to improve your appliance performance. This brand offers several products, including:

  • affresh® Dishwasher Cleaner
  • affresh® Dishwasher Cleaner
  • affresh® Coffeemaker Cleaner
  • affresh® Stainless Steel Cleaner
  • affresh® Kitchen & Appliance Cleaner
  • affresh® Stainless Steel Wipes
  • affresh® Cooktop Cleaner

How to Use Affresh

  • Take away clothing or any other item from your appliance.
  • Put one Affresh tablet in the washer tub – not in the dispenser.
  • Run a ‘Clean Washer’ cycle with the hot water setting.