Even though Boston Pizza is known for pizza back in the good ole days –  They have some great entrees and are now more known as a Sports bar in some towns.  I love their appetizer selection, and my favourite is Thai Bites – spinach Dip and their cactus Fries. My favourite entree is their Ribs or Pasta.  I went looking for Boston Pizza copycat recipes – there’s not that many out there, But I did manage to find seven unique ones.

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7 Unique Copycat Boston Pizza Recipes

Thai Bites

Boston Pizza Copycat Recipes | boston pizza copycat recipes

Lauren’s Latest: Unique Thai Bites copycat recipe with pretty simple instructions and store-bought sauce. Inspired found at Boston pizza restaurant, you will need to fry some chicken till golden brown and then mix your sauce ingredients in a large bowl to finish cooking.  Sweet Chili Thai taste! Great appetizer idea.

Spicy Perogy Pizza

Boston Pizza Copycat Recipes | boston pizza copycat recipes

Food Fun Happiness:   Copycat recipe: Spicy Perogy Pizza! You are not Canadian unless you have tried this Pizza at Boston pizza.  After you make your pizza dough, you won’t be adding pizza sauce to this recipe, but instead, you will be adding sour cream as your base with some green onions and mozzarella cheese.  You could probably skip the jalapenos if you don’t want to bite much, but you’ll want to add a bit of spice to go with the sliced cooked potatoes.

Spinach & Artichoke Dip

Boston Pizza Copycat Recipes | boston pizza copycat recipes

Brooke Bakes:  Copycat Recipe: Spinach & Artichoke Dip – Warm and Delicious -Can’t wait to recreate this recipe. What a great spread, with half spinach and half artichoke.  Cream Cheese, spinach, and a can of artichoke hearts are the main ingredients for this dip, which I guess is a great appetizer to bring to a table at a party or just as a snack while playing cards on a cold day in Canada.

Jambalaya Pasta recipe

boston pizza jambalaya recipe

The bewitching kitchen

If I end up at Boston Pizza on Pasta Tuesday, I’m ordering the Jambalaya! It is my hands-down favourite pasta dish! Shrimp, chicken, pasta, hot Italian sausage, tomatoes, and green peppers. She did switch up the pasta used on the original recipe, but we’re eating in style as long as it has the other main ingredients.

Chipotle Bacon Penne

Boston Pizza Copycat Recipes | boston pizza copycat recipes

Burelle Family Favorite Recipes More: Chipotle Bacon Penne – a semi recreate of one of Boston Pizza’s pasta dishes using Penne Pasta, creating your sauce using mozzarella cheese, and baking in a casserole dish.

Boston Pizza Potato Skins

Boston Pizza Copycat Recipes | boston pizza copycat recipes

Karen Wonders Why:  Close to Boston Pizza’s Potato Skins!

I don’t know about you, but I love the potatoes skins from Boston pizza,  Karen has this inspired Boston pizza recipe, making her Garlic sauce, and her stuffed potatoes include chicken, cheddar cheese, bacon bits, and more toppings.

Tropical Chicken Pizza

Boston Pizza Copycat Recipes | boston pizza copycat recipes

Recipe Rebel a Copycat version of Tropical Chicken Pizza!

The pizza sauce used in this variety is alfredo sauce, creating a spicy chicken with pineapples as a topping on this menu for dinner when your pizza recipe is getting old and you want to try something from scratch.

Boston Pizza Dough Recipe

pizza Dough recipe boston pizza

Chef Bari 

The Secret is out, folks!  Someone has finally put up a copycat recipe for the pizza dough that has made Boston pizza popular with the number of restaurants across Canada and the USA. You can’t have pizza without the dough.  Chef Bari has lots of tips about how to roll it, what kind of yeast, sugar, salt to use, how to preheat the oven and of course, secrets about the crust.

Pizza Bread Recipe

Boston Pizza Copycat Recipes | boston pizza copycat recipes

FunkyFrugalMommy – if you love the basic pizza bread – here’s one to try! you will need to oil your bowl,  prepare a floured surface, and make everything from scratch.


If you find any more Boston Pizza copycat ones, please a message!