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Even though Boston Pizza is known for Pizza back in the good ole days – They have some great entrees and is now more known as a Sports bar in some towns. I love their appetizer selection, and my favorite is Thai Bites – spinach Dip and their cactus Fries. My favorite entree is their Ribs or Pasta. I went looking for Boston Pizza copycat recipes – there’s not that many out there But I did manage to find 7 unique ones.

Below you will find 7 Unique recipes that other bloggers have created: Simply Click Next to see them all

7 Unique Copycat Boston Pizza Recipes

7. Thai Bites


Lauren’s Latest: Unique Thai Bites copycat recipe with pretty simple instructions and store-bought sauce.

6. Spicy Perogy Pizza


Food Fun Happiness:  Copycat recipe: Spicy Perogy Pizza! Your not Canadian unless you have tried this pizza at BP’s.

5. Spinach & Artichoke Dip


Brooke Bakes:  Copycat Recipe: Spinach & Artichoke Dip – Warm and Delicious -Can’t wait to recreate

4. Chipotle Bacon Penne


Burelle Family Favorite Recipes More: Chipotle Bacon Penne – a semi recreate of one of Boston Pizza’s pasta dishes

3. Boston Pizza Potato Skins


Karen Wonders Why:  Close to Boston Pizza’s Potato Skins

2. Tropical Chicken Pizza


Recipe Rebel a Copycat version of Tropical Chicken Pizza

1. Pizza Bread Recipe


FunkyFrugalMommy – if you love the basic pizza bread – here’s one to try!

If you find any more Boston Pizza copycat ones please a message!




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  1. i grew in edmonton in the 1970-80 boston was amazing. since then moved to the niagara area and in the late 2000 boston pizza opened in NF actually the owners father owned the one on white ave in edmonton. my son started working there for awhile. i was excited to finally have boston pizza in mu region. Short lived though, it wasnt the same as my earlier experiance. Boston pizza shouldmake retro pizzas based on the old recipes. Nobody in ontario could compare.


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