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Even though Boston Pizza is known for Pizza back in the good ole days –  They have some great entrees and is now more known as a Sports bar in some towns.  I love their appetizer selection, and my favorite is Thai Bites – spinach Dip and their cactus Fries. My favorite entree is their Ribs or Pasta.  I went looking for Boston Pizza copycat recipes – there’s not that many out there But I did manage to find 7 unique ones.

Below you will find 7 Unique recipes that other bloggers have created: Simply Click Next to see them all

7 Unique Copycat Boston Pizza Recipes

7. Thai Bites

Lauren’s Latest: Unique Thai Bites copycat recipe with pretty simple instructions and store-bought sauce.

6. Spicy Perogy Pizza

Food Fun Happiness:   Copycat recipe: Spicy Perogy Pizza! Your not Canadian unless you have tried this pizza at BP’s.

5. Spinach & Artichoke Dip

Brooke Bakes:  Copycat Recipe: Spinach & Artichoke Dip – Warm and Delicious -Can’t wait to recreate

4. Chipotle Bacon Penne

Burelle Family Favorite Recipes More: Chipotle Bacon Penne – a semi recreate of one of Boston Pizza’s pasta dishes

3. Boston Pizza Potato Skins

Karen Wonders Why:  Close to Boston Pizza’s Potato Skins

2. Tropical Chicken Pizza

Recipe Rebel a Copycat version of Tropical Chicken Pizza

1. Pizza Bread Recipe

FunkyFrugalMommy – if you love the basic pizza bread – here’s one to try!

If you find any more Boston Pizza copycat ones please a message!





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