McDonalds Copycat Recipes


McDonald’s is a favorite for most people. Who can forget the first time they tried Chicken McNuggets as a child or a Big Mac? For most of us, it brings back great memories. Lately, the menu prices have gotten high and what used to be a $3 combo is now double the price or more. Good thing there are copycat recipes out there so we can make many of the recipes at home!

One of the biggest sellers of McDonald’s fans (and even those that don’t really eat at McDonald’s very often) is the Shamrock Shake. Its minty sweetness is a treat like no other. You can make the Shamrock Shake right at home with the recipe included in this delicious roundup.

You might find that you can make these recipes so easily; you will be making your kitchen the “new McDonald’s”.  All of the ingredients included in these recipes are easy to find in your grocery store and because they are not frozen or containing the preservatives that many McDonald’s foods do, they will taste even better.

So put down your car keys before you hit the drive-thru and enjoy McDonald’s right at home with these great copycat recipes.

McDonalds Copy Cat Recipe Roundups


1. Shamrock Shake


Which of these recipes are you most excited to try? Let me know in the comments!

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Mcdonalds Copycat recipes - Try these recipes at home


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