We’ll show you how to use the latest local Mcdonald Coupons at the drive-thru or inside the restaurant and start scoring deals on premium-roast clffee, iced coffee, fries, and more!

Start Saving Money on your favourite fast-food restaurant McDonald’s restaurant!

This week will make your wallet very happy when you visit Mcdonald’s to grab your favourite menu items.

Every Monday morning, the latest new Mcdonald’s offers become available for shoppers in-store. Look below at the latest McDonald Coupons and exclusive special deals at participating McDonald’s restaurants.

Please see the list of the latest ways to Save on McDonald’s Canada’s mobile device (mcd app)

McDonalds Coupons- McDonalds weekly Coupons- McDonalds Coupons Canada

Apply McDonald’s Discounts from the app.

One of the best ways to never miss Mcdonald’s coupons or discounts is to use the MyMcDonald’s Rewards App, where you can always get new offers weekly. Sometimes there are particular ways to earn points inside the store or the drive-thru, such as waffle fries, li’l donuts, Big Mac, quarter Pounder, Happy Meal, Filet-O-Fish, or a few cheeseburgers or trying the newest item on your next order at a local McDonald store.

Redeem coupons & earn points all at once!

The prices may vary by province. You’ll need an account to see this App. Current Mcdonald’s mobile app offers are valid until Monday.

The Mcd app can be located on Android and iPhone (ios) and downloaded here.

Current Mcdonald`s Coupons, Deals & Promo Offers on My McD’s App

**Offers and prices may vary by province**

Pickup/Delivery offers

  • 25% off McChicken
  • $5.75 + Tax McGriddles Extra value Meal
  • Spend $10 or more pre-tax & get a Junior Chicken, Cheeseburger or Medium Fries FREE -McDelivery only! Expires Feb 29, 2024

These deals Expire February 25, 2024

McDonalds Reward Bonus points

  • Get 500 bonus points when you visit 5 times

Expires February 25, 2024

You may use these discounts at the front checkout or Kiosks in restaurants using Curbside Service, drive-thru, or the My McD’s App to complete your mobile order with contactless mobile ordering.

Offers exclude delivery.

These Digital Coupons change every Monday and vary per location.

Click Here to Get the App

McDonald’s Mailed Coupon Savings

New Mailer coupons have been delivered with the latest expiry date of January 29, 2024

Mcdonald’s Canada Delivery Offers


Many times McDonald’s has delivery offers with one of three extensive delivery services from time to time.

And it can be a Great Discount on your next Big Mac Craving or Quarter Pounder!

Get in on the action while you still can! When you order Via the Delivery Apps

  • Example: Save $10 off $25.00

Check your local delivery services on the mobile McDonald’s app or the following for desktop users.

  • Skip the dishes12
  • Uber Eats
  • Door Dash

New McDonalds Coupons

Download McDonald’s Rewards Card

Stay up-to-date with the latest McDonalds Promotions.

Every Monday, they notify you of weekly savings, including bonus points for McDonald’s Rewards and any McDonalds Online Deals.

Earn points on all purchases and be able to redeem points for free food.

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Subscribe to their newsletter for particular Mcdonald’s coupons, promo codes, Digital McDonalds Coupons, discount codes, and offers. Mostly They remind you what is new on the McDonald’s Rewards App, where you can get bonus points and exclusive McDonalds Online Rewards.

Take the Survey to Save!

Never toss out a McDonald’s receipt! That, my friend, could be a potential saving on your next Quarter Pounder! Check out the bottom of your receipt for details. Every time you take a new survey, you will get a new Mcdonalds coupon for your next visit. Remember to keep your receipt and complete the online Mcdonald’s Restaurant survey.

Watch for McDonalds Coupon Booklets

Unfortunately, you can’t get any printable coupons for McDonald’s, but keep an eye on your junk mail for Mcdonalds coupon booklets that randomly show up usually every 3 months.

Mailed McDonalds Coupons - McDonalds Coupons Canada

Watch out for the latest Mailer coupons in your mailbox. Every three months, you can find them like folded flyers! These handy little discoveries will allow customers like yourself to save money every time with coupon codes at the kiosk.

What happened to Printed Mcdonalds Coupons in PDF?

McDonalds now only has the App for you to save money weekly. But Mailer coupons will come as coupon booklets in your mailbox every quarter ( March, June, September, and December). They usually have an approximate date of 30 days to use and are single-use only.

The only current way to reuse coupons is to use the promo codes at the kiosk, so if you have a favourite coupon – Save it on your phone or write it down to use the next time you go to a Mcdonald’s store entry.

How to Redeem Coupons

Regardless of the type of McDonalds  Digital Coupons, you may have mobile, coupon booklet, or promo codes you can use at the drive-thru, in-re front counter, kiosk, or cashier.

How do you redeem coupons on the Mcdonald’s app?

  • Select the items you want to order,
  • Click on the Add Deal to the Mobile McDonald’sOrderto reveal an empty text spot,

Enter your McDonald’s promo code here and proceed to the payment to see your official discount.

Seniors Couopons to save on Coffee

Seniors get 20% off McCafe Coffee.

We know life gets a little easier with age. Hence, Mcdonald’s wants to help your senior citizen customers stay happy and healthy by offering them a fantastic discount at Mcdonald’s participating restaurants. Not only are they getting 20% off all-size Mcdonald’s coffee daily (available from our front desk or drive-through), but 55+ adults can also enjoy this offer!

Earn 100 points for every $1.00 you spend towards rewards like premium roast coffee and more – exclusively with the app.