They have a New coupon code for you to use online if you want Subway to deliver to your door!  Great Idea this week if you are looking at saving money at your favourite fast food place where you get a healthy meal with Subway Coupons

Subway Canada Deals & Coupons

Save $2.00 on a subway sub that is a footlong

New on the Subway App! Save $2.00 off any Footlong. This savings is on the Subway App only, so get on the app Now.

Deal is until August 8, 2021

Subway Potato Side Kicks

Try out Subway’s New Potato Buns at an introductory cost of 2 for $5.00 


Five Subway Subs For Under $5.00

Are you singing the song? Five…Five Dollar Footlong. I know I am.

There are five subs that you can get for under $5.00 (everyday price);

  • Cold Cut Combo
  • Egg Salad
  • Veggie Delite
  • Pizza Sub
  • Ham Sub
  • Double Meat, Extra Cheese or Bacon is extra.

If you are looking for great Subway Specials, consider looking at the Subway Sub of the Day – Each day, there is a different sub for an everyday low price.

Don’t forget; Subway also offers breakfast! And if you don’t want a Sub, you can always choose soup or salads. In addition, subway specials are provided with the Subway Sub of the Day, where you can get an everyday low price on different subs.

Don’t forget to use a Subway Promotional Code ( known as Coupon) when you go in to grab that meal to go.

To Download the Subway Mobile App, Click Here 


Has this offer ended? Click here for more Restaurant Deals.

The Subway Canada Brand

If you are familiar with Subway, you have probably heard about the Commit-To-Fit program.

This is a commitment from you to live a healthier lifestyle. Subway can play a huge role in this. A balanced diet is vital to living a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. You will feel better and healthy foods help improve you mentally as well. In addition, filling those subs with veggies and other deli meats will ensure you are getting the recommended intake of vitamins and minerals.

Subway was created when a young man started up a submarine sandwich shop. The little restaurant began franchising in the mid-1970s, as well as they changed the name to Subway.  Even though the restaurants are franchised, they are all individually owned by fellow Canadians.

Remember to try and use a Subway coupon when possible to help save you money on Fast Food.

The Subway Mobile App

You can order quickly by using the new Subway application that can be downloaded via Apple or Android. With the app, you can order on the go,  skip the line, and get to eat. You can also receive notifications on any new Subway Deals or Coupons available via the Rewards Program, which you will automatically be part of when you get the Mobile app!  Take Advantage of the savings.

About the Subway Rewards Program

If you are into a more salad type mood, or perhaps you want to eat a little healthier on your lunch hour, but if you at all make Subway into your routine, the Subway Rewards Program is a great Free Way to Save money – Lots of times they also have exclusive deals & coupons.


We love Subway, Canada!

Fun and Fresh is what we love about Subway – Great tasting sandwiches with veggies! I love that you can create your own to how you feel, right down to the type of sauce you like to use. I also salads, which are similar to the sandwich without the high-carb bread options. Or You can choose the soup of the day and a small lunch!

Seattle Coffee – Subway here in my town serves this type of coffee – If you’re a fan of this – enjoy the strong coffee.  Yum! I am not a fan of this type of bitter coffee – but each to your own.

Nutrition of Sandwich subs

Nutrition is essential to Subway, so you will always find the nutrition calculator with the number of calories and fat content when you make your decision. Also, feel free to customize your sub along the way if you want to make even more healthy decisions at this restaurant.  Talk about Affordable Healthy eating.

6 grams of fat or less (Guilt-Free Flavors)

There are two types of subway sandwiches that contain 6 grams of fat or less(without condiments like cheese or mayo, of course).

They include;

  • Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki
  • Oven Roasted Chicken.