If you love Veggies, you will fall in love with Yves Veggie Cuisine, especially if you are on a plant-based diet – it’s nice to enjoy the Saving in the form of a Yves Veggie Coupon. Great opportunity to try out the Yves Veggie Burger when you find it on sale and use the following print coupon.

New Yves Veggie Coupon

Yves Veggie Cuisine Coupon Banner from SAVE.CA

  • Save $1.00 off any Yves Veggie Cuisine product

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The coupon Expiry date is March 31, 2022

Prices of Yves Veggie Products in Canada


Walmart Canada ( Ontario)

  • Yves Veggie Bistro Burgers352 g, $5.27 (Regular Price)
  • Yves Veggie Meatballs383 g, $4.97 ( Regular Price)

Real Canadian Superstore ( Western ) 

  • Veggie Burger, Package of 8 568 g $8.00 ( Regular Price)
  • Veggie Ground Round, Original 340 g $4.28 ( Regular Price)


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Yves Veggie Burger

If you have not yet tried the Veggie Burger from Yves, you are going to want to run out and purchase a pack today. The whole family will sure to love these I can assure you.

This is a meatless burger with the benefits of veggies. You get the best of both worlds. Taste like meat without the added fat and salt of most burger patties out there. Feel good about giving your family a healthy meal.

It comes in meatless Chicken or meatless Good Burger varieties. My kids absolutely adore chicken burgers but I know all too well about the additives and preservatives that are found in many of the chicken products out there. With Yves, I know that my family is eating healthier and I can sleep at night knowing that I have done my part to ensure that.

This product is made from soy protein, herbs, and just a little hint of lemon. Making them low in fat but delicious.

Also, look for these products from Yves Veggies ;

  • Skewers
  • Hot Dogs
  • Deli Slices
  • and much more!!