Do you want to know a secret on How to Get High-Value Coupons? Do you know the ones that everyone brags about on Instagram or TikTok, and other Facebook groups?

It’s by requesting coupons from the source ( the manufacturers); in the past, I’ve both emailed them or called them over the years, explaining my opinion on their products (positive, of course) and then I politely ask if they have any coupons that they can send out.

Not all companies will have coupons to be mailed out. It’s truly a hit or miss, but we will continue to grow the list, as we have been for over 15 years, taking out some and going through the list to ensure all email addresses or contact forms work.

Just remember to be kind and respectful. I’ve included tips below for you all to follow.

Companies that mail coupons to Canada upon Request (Try)

Here’s a very detailed list of where you can ask companies to send you coupons in the mail!

It’s not a guarantee the company will mail you coupons.

It’s a Hit and Miss on which companies send out mailed coupons for those who ask!

Some months they will come they will – Sometimes, it depends on the person answering your inquiry or phone call.

Some people have had a better response by actually phoning vs emailing.

Phone numbers have been included for you.

companies that mail coupons canada

What to Email when Requesting Coupons from Companies?

  1. Butter them up! – Tell the companies what great products they have or a particular product you have tried.
  2. Tell them about yourself and your family – and why you would love to try their product!
  3. Politely ask them if they can mail you a money-saving coupon.
  4. Don’t forget your name & Address.

Tips for Asking for Coupons

  • Use your manners – Please & Thank You.
  • Make sure you refer to one of their products and not their competitors.

Sample Emal to Send ( Don’t copy and paste it)

“Hello, Team Company 

I’m a huge fan of your product XYZ!  I love how  XYZ tastes out of the oven. My family loves them with mash potatoes, I purchase them all the time, which means my grocery bill can really add up, and I was wondering if you currently have any coupons you could mail me?

It would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Your Name

( Address)  

how to ask for coupons for mail

What Not to Say to Companies 

– Don’t just email and demand them to “Send Coupons + address.” This won’t improve or generate your chances of success in your mission.


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Baby Stuff – Mail Coupons

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Beauty Products:

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Cleaning Supplies / Laundry

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Pet Supplies

Please comment if we’ve missed any – or tell us which ones have failed lately! – And if you can recall -when you requested!!!!