Canadian Companies That Will Mail Coupons


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Canadian Companies Mailing Lists for Coupons

Here’s a very detailed list of where you can ask companies to send you coupons in the mail!

It’s not a guarantee the company will mail you coupons.

It’s a Hit and Miss on which companies are sending out mailed coupons for those that ask!

Some months they will come they will – Sometimes it depends on the person answering your inquiry or phone call.

Some people have had a better response by actually phoning vs emailing. Phone numbers have been included for you.


What to Email when Requesting Coupons from Companies?

  1. Butter them up! – Tell them what great products they have or a particular product you have tried.
  2. Tell them about yourself and your family – and a reason you would love to try their product!
  3. Politely ask them if they can mail you a money-saving coupon.
  4. Don’t forget your name & Address.


Tips for Asking for Coupons

  • Use your manners – Please & Thank You.
  • Make sure you refer to one of their products and not their competitors.


What Not to Say to Companies 

– Don’t just email and demand them to “Send Coupons + address” this won’t improve or generate your chances of success in your mission.


Baby Stuff

Beauty Products:









Pet Supplies

Please leave a comment if we’ve missed any – or tell us which ones have failed lately! – And if you can recall -when you requested!!!!

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  1. I reached out to all of these companies, thank you for the links you provided. Uncle Ben’s does not provide coupons upon request, or at least that’s what they told me.

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