If you love Pizza – and who isn’t – You may enjoy savings by using Pizza Pizza Coupons!

So much Pizza they have to repeat themselves. Besides just Pizza, they serve other appetizers, such as deep-fried pickles, chicken wings, and other Party food.

Here are the following Pizza Pizza coupons and discounts we found for Pizza Pizza Restaurants in Canada.

Pizza Pizza Coupons & Deals

Take a look at the most recent discounts from Pizza Pizza Canada! Take advantage of the Pizza Pizza coupons and deals available this month! We will walk you through the steps necessary to save money on your next purchase.

Pizza Pizza has been delivering Pizza and other Italian meals across Canada for more than 45 years.

Before your next order, check this page for the latest Pizza Deals and Pizza Pizza Coupons.

  • THE CRAVE COMBO Large 3-topping Pizza with 3 drinks (355ml) and get a month of Crave on us. Starting from $14.99
  • FIXED-RATE PIZZA: XL 4-TOPPING  Starting from $16.99
  • 2 MEDIUM PIZZAS, DRINKS + DIPS 2 medium pizzas with 4 toppings combined, 4 drinks (355mL) and 2 dips Starting from $21.99
  • 2 LARGE PIZZAS, DRINKS + DIPS 2 Large Pizzas with 4 toppings combined, 4 Drinks and 2 Dips Starting from $27.99
  • UNLIMITED MEDIUM 2-TOPPING PIZZAS Medium 2-topping pizza (minimum of 2 required)
  • 2 BOTTLED DRINKS Choose from the Coca-Cola line Starting from $4.24
  • LARGE PIZZA + 3 DRINKS Large 3-topping Pizza and 3 drinks (355mL)
  • HEART PIZZA Medium 2-topping pizza in the shape of a heart. Starting from $12.49
  • LARGE PIZZA, WINGS, DRINKS + DIPS Large 3-topping Pizza, 10pcs wings, 4 drinks and 2 dips Starting from $28.99
  • WING IT BOX 8 pcs. Chicken Wings + choice of 8 Chicken Bites or Popcorn Chicken + 2 Dips +choice of 2 sides Starting from $29.99
  • PLANT-BASED COMBO BOX 16 Plant-Based Chick’n Bites + 2 Dips + choice of 2 side items: Starting from $27.99
  • XL 2-TOPPING PIZZA Starting from $14.99
  • MEDIUM PIZZA + DIP  – Medium 2-topping pizza + dip Starting from $10.99
This offer is valid for a limited time only.

Saving Money with Pizza Pizza Coupons Canada

Save with Old Navy Canada - These are Pizza Pizza Canada's most recent discounts! Enjoy this month's Pizza Pizza coupons and savings! On your next order, we'll show you how to save money.

Saving money with Pizza Pizza is relatively easy! There are always tons of sales found on the company’s website, including Family Specials and Large amounts of food fit for a Game Day Party!   You will find better deals around significant events such as the Stanley Cup and the Grey Cup.

Pizza Pizza Rewards Program

PizzaPizza Rewards Card 11-11 | Pizza Pizza Canada's newest deals! This month, get Pizza Pizza coupons! How to save on your next purchase.

if you have a local Pizza Pizza location near you and love their Pizza, you may want to consider joining their rewards program to help save additional money. Here are the highlights of their Program.

Members earn 5% in Loyalty dollars back on every order!
Redeem your loyalty rewards after the 5th purchase. Get the Rewards Program

Pizza Pizza App

Get your custom Pizza Saved! The Pizza app lets users repeat their last order, making things easy if you have a traditional Pizza Takeout night! It is available on both Google Play and Apple for your mobile. Also, the App features the latest Pizza Pizza coupons.

Pizza Kids Club

Kids Clothing - These are Pizza Pizza Canada's most recent discounts! Enjoy this month's Pizza Pizza coupons and savings! On your next order, we'll show you how to save money.

If you have a family, including Kids, here’s another way to save a few dollars throughout the year!

Sign your kids up for the Pizza Pizza Kids Club, and they will get a free slice of Pizza and pop on their birthday. Plus, a free birthday card in the mail near their birthday. Imagine how excited they will be to get Free Pizza.

The Pizza Pizza Guarantee

This company is so confident in its products that they offer a guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of your order, Pizza Pizza will do the following;

  • For small items like beverages, dipping sauces, etc. They will give you credit for your next order, double the price.
  • For more oversized items like Pizza, chicken, sandwiches, etc. They will replace your item.

Orders must be placed at least one hour before closing time to apply this guarantee.

If they do not arrive at your location within the time specified, that order is FREE!

About Pizza Pizza

Pizza Pizza has over 500 restaurants across Canada, and its head office is based in Toronto, Ontario. Most of these pizza restaurants are in more Eastern Provinces such as Quebec, Toronto, and Nova Scotia, but there are few in British Columbia.

The company has never changed owners; the Overs family founded it, and the family continues to run it.

Pizza Pizza is some of the best Canadian Pizza out there. Pizza is constantly changing as new pizzas are being created and many online promotions, including Pizza Pizza coupons. See what other discounts are available right now online.