Grab the best discounts with KFC Canada. The famous KFC Chicken never goes out of style, find sales and coupons for classic chicken buckets, sandwiches,  Stick with Canadianfreestuff, and we will always show you the latest KFC coupons and Discounts you don’t; want to miss!

KFC Buckets of Chicken are almost a tradition in many Chicken Loving Families across Canada! Every once in a while, you have to love the Secret Ingredient Chicken Spices and Herbs; even though it’s deep-fried, it’s terribly delicious!

KFC Coupons

Here’s the latest updated list of KFC Coupons available for Canadian residents! Get them while they are HOT Canada! KFC releases New Coupons in either Print format or by Exclusive Coupon Codes ( Exclusive) throughout the year, and we will show you both ways to save.

Coupons Will Vary by Province, but here is a sample of what may be available:

  • Lunchbox Special $4.95 Double Tender Sandwich
  • Tenders & Popcorn Box $5.00
  • Combo Sandwich $7.49
  • 2 Can Share Bucket $10.99
  • 2 Can Dine Sandwich Combo $13.99
  • 2 Can Dine FAMOUS Sandwich Combo
  • Famous Meal 2 for $15.00
  • Build Your Own Bucket for $20.00
  • Triple Bucket for $32.00
  • 9pc Bucket & fries $19.99
  • Favourite Bucket $21.99
  • 12pc Bucket & Fries $26.99
  • 15 pc Chicken Bucket & Fries $29.99
  • 20 pc Chicken Bucket & Fries $38.99

(find your province of residence in the convenient drop-down menu).

Printable KFC Coupons


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Coupons Expire  October 31,  2021

There’s a limit of one coupon code per order, and delivery fees will vary by restaurant.

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KFC Coupon Codes:

  • 2 Flatbread & Fries – Save $2.00 Coupon Code: DM020
  • Big Crunch Sandwich, Fries, Drink: Save $2.00 with promo code: DM069
  • 3pc. Chicken Meal: Save $2.00 off with Coupon Code: DM239
  • Save $2.00 off 4 pc Chicken Meal Box with promo code: DM642
  • Save $4.00 on 2 CAN DINE Famous Chicken Sandwich combo with coupon code: DM821
  • Save $4.00 on 2 Can Dine Sandwich Combo use promo code: DM832
  • Save $3.00 off 2 can Dine 3pc Meal Box with coupon code: DM135
  • Save $4.00 off 2 Can Dine Big Crunch Combo with coupon code: DM266
  • Save over $6.00 off 9pc Family Special Box with promo code: DM735
  • Save $6.50 off Kentucky Bucket with promo code: DM411
  • Save $5.00 off 12 Pc Family Special Bucket with coupon  code: DM679
  • Save $4.50 off Mixed Bucket with coupon code: DM381
  • Save $700 off 16pc Family Bucket with coupon: DM400
  • Save $6.00 off 20 pc Family Bucket with promo code: DM420

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KFC Exclusive Offers

KFC Exclusive Deals online


If you don’t want to print a coupon or bother using a promo code ( not sure why you wouldn’t want to save more, but hey, each to their own!

Kentucky Fried Chicken has Exclusive Online deals such as the following

  • 8 pieces of our Canadian farm-raised and hand-breaded Secret Recipe chicken served with medium fries.$16.49
  • 2 Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwiches and 2 Individual Fries for $10.00
  • FIVE FOR $5.49  2pc. Chicken (dark), Individual Popcorn, Individual Fries & Cookie.
  • POPCORN SNACK BOX for $4.00

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How to Save Money with KFC Canada

If you love the good old Kentucky Fried Chicken Buckets or Lunch Meals such as Popcorn Chicken, or good ole “Snackwich.”

Use the KFC Mobile App

KFC Mobile App

Download and Open the KFC Canada app (Android, iOS) and find automatic coupons when you sign up! through the app or via the KFC VIP Wallet

GET THE APP and Get $5.00 for your first VIP Purchase

How to Use KFC Coupons

Most of the time, most cashiers will accept your coupons from your phone, or you could always print the ones off online.

Watch for KFC Mailers

Pay attention to your local flyers or newspapers; sometimes, you will find mailer coupons already printed for you.

Save with KFC Exclusive

Just watch for the best deals!  Make sure you pay attention if shopping online to watch for the Exclusive Deals, where you can get Bucket Savings full of chicken and 2 Can Dine for $x.xx deals.   Don’t miss out on those fries and gravy, potato wedges, and classic chicken sandwiches, plus all the pop to wet your pallet after all that drooling!

Take The Customer Survey: Get a Coupon Code for a Free Small Popcorn with Drink purchase.


.KFC Sandwich

Famous Chicken Sandwich

KFC Canada has upped their game with the new introduction to a new sandwich featuring Crispy Chicken.

This new sandwich contains a chicken fillet that has been triple breaded using a buttermilk marinade drizzled with Mayonaise on a Bun.

This Sandwich is Now back on Toonie Tuesdays

Does KFC deliver Chicken?

Actually, KFC in Canada does not deliver directly, but you can use Door Dash if you require Delivery right away. Just use your phone or order online, and don’t forget to use Exclusive deals.  They do offer Takeout.


About Kentucky Fried Chicken

Everybody loves fried chicken, and KFC has been around delivering the goods for a very long time. Since 1930, KFC has been building its empire and now is the second biggest chain behind McDonald’s in the industry. Not bad for a little company that started rather humbly.

At the core of their growth was a super-secret recipe, unlike any other fried chicken on the planet. The company has morphed into a very diverse and dynamic food provider, from extra crispy options to today’s grilled chicken. Remember to use Kfc coupons to save money.

If you love KFC, then check out the other coupons offered by Canadianfreestuff and enjoy saving money!