Get the best KFC Coupons. Save on the famous chicken never goes out of style, find sales and coupons for classic buckets or sandwiches, and Stick with us; we will always show you the latest KFC deals in Canada, and you don’t have Coupon Codes you don’t want to miss!

KFC Buckets of Chicken is almost a tradition in many Chicken Loving Families across Canada! Every once in a while, you must love the Secret Ingredient Chicken Spices and Herbs; even though it’s deep-fried, it’s delicious!

There are a few ways to save money with KFC Coupons Canada: using mobile and printable KFC Canada coupons, ordering online for exclusive deals, and becoming part of the KFC VIP program.

KFC Canada Coupons

KFC is the best place to get delicious, fresh chicken. It’s so good that they release new coupons just for Canadians! We will show you both ways: printable and coupon codes (exclusivity).

KFC Coupons Canada is a great way to save money and get something you might not otherwise.


KFC Coupons Canada Print

Printable KFC Coupons Canada

As a foodie, you don’t want to miss out on printable KFC coupons. We believe KFC serves some of the most delicious chicken out there. To keep more money in your pocket, print out these KFC deals and save on your next visit – especially on meal combos.

Note, menu options and discounts may vary by province, but below is a sampling of what you could save on.


(Find your province of residence in the convenient drop-down menu).


  • Alberta
  • BC
  • Manitoba
  • Saskatchewan
  • Quebec, Gatineau
  • Ontario
  • Atlantic Canada Provinces:
  • Yukon


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KFC PDF Coupons expire on September 20  2023

There’s a limit of er order, and delivery fees vary by restaurant. One KFC coupon in Canada 

KFC Exclusive Coupons

Current KFC Coupons  Codes in September 2023

The KFC coupons Canada and discount codes are great ways to get extra cash. You can find all sorts of KFC coupons in Canada and offers on their website for delicious fried chicken.

It also includes the Code at Checkout for Limited Time Offer and the Hottest Deals on the Secret Recipe of those yummy Chicken Pieces.


  • 2 PC Chicken & Fries for $5.00  Coupon code: DMD212
  • BOGO FREE popcorn chicken  Promo Code: DM090
  • 3pc Chicken Combo $9.99   DM231
  • Chicken Sandwich Combo  $8,99   DM632
  • 4pc Chicken Meal Box $11.99     DM 642
  • Famous Chicken Meal Deal $12.99  DM672
  • Popcorn Chicken Meal Deal $14.99  DM085
  • 2 Can Dine Share Bucket $14.99  DM891
  • 2 Can Dine Sandwich Combo $16.99 DM722
  • 9 Pc Fries & Gravy $22.99 DM545
  • 12 PC Chicken, Fries & Gravy $29.99 DM377
  • 15 PC Chicken, Fries & Gravy $36.99DM907


Here’s how KFC Coupons Canada works:

Print coupons to redeem in-store.


  • Print out your coupon from the website.
  • Bring it to any participating fast-food restaurant that can use them!
  • Show the cashier; she will reduce your bill by the amount on your coupon.


*Offers are redeemable at participating restaurants only.

KFC Sandwich of the Day $5.00

As we Say goodbye to the Popular KFC Toonie Tuesday, you can say HELLO to the New KFC Deal of the Week.

Every Day is a New Sandwich to purchase for the deal of $5.00

Here’s the lineup for the KFC Sandwich of the Day


  • Grab a Crunchy Chicken Sandwich on Monday
  • Hello Vegetarians – Grab a Plant-Based Sandwich on Tuesday
  • Zinger Sandwich for $5.00 Just for Wednesday’sHump Day
  • TwisterThursday! Grab a Twister for $5.00
  • FunFriday– Get 2 Original Chicken Sandwiches for $5.00


Click Here to Order online and beat the lineup.

But you may run into the following special Discounts depending on location, so I found out!

Lunch Box Deals of the Day for $5.00


  • Monday – Popcorn chicken lunch box
  • Tuesday – 3pc Hot Wings lunch box
  • Wednesday – Tenders lunch box
  • Thursday – Original Chicken Slider Lunch Box


KFC Promo Codes for KFC Famous Chicken Bucket Deals in Canada

kfc Buckets of Chicken Deals in June

KFC Chicken Buckets as low as $20

Are you craving some finger-licking goodness? KFC’s infamous Bucket Deals are Back! You can now fill your tummy with a $20 6 PC Chicken Bucket Deal. From juicy chicken to crispy fries, there’s something for everyone. GRAB your friends and family for a fun night in.

Get this Deal Online Order Only

KFC Exclusive Offers

KFC Coupons Canada is a great way to save money and get something you might not otherwise.



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How to Find Special Deals with KFC Canada

If you love the good old Kentucky Fried Original Recipe Chicken Buckets, Lunch Meals such as Popcorn Chicken, or good ole “Snackwich.”

Use the KFC App-Exclusive Deals

KFC Coupons Mobile

Download and Open the KFC Canada app (Android, iOS) and find automatic coupons when you sign up! Through the app or via the KFC VIP Wallet

GET THE APP and Get $5.00 for your first VIP Purchase with the following Promo Code:

Coupon Code: SAVE5

How to Use KFC Coupons Canada

KFC Coupons Canada – What Are They And How Do I Use Them? You might have seen those tiny pieces of paper with numbers printed in different colours; these represent “coupons,” which can be exchanged for food purchases from any store within the KFC chain (or related brands).

Most of the time, cashiers will accept your coupons from your phone, or you could always print the ones off online.

Watch for Limited Time KFC Mailers From Time to Time 

Please pay attention to your local flyers or newspapers; sometimes, you will find mailer coupons for delicious fried chicken, precisely like the Printed Coupons above.

Save with KFC Exclusive

Just watch for the best Finger Licken’ Deals! Pay attention if shopping online to care for the Exclusive Savings on your favourite food item. You can get Bucket Savings full of chicken, and 2 Can Dine for $x.xx deals. Don’t miss out on those potato wedges, classic chicken sandwiches, and all the pop to wet your pallet after all that drooling!


Deals on KFC Gift Cards

We haven’t seen any specials when purchasing KFC Gift Cards unless its at Christmas. 

KFC Coupons Canada for Survey

Take The Customer Survey: Get a Coupon Code for a Free Small Popcorn with a Drink Purchase.

If you love KFC Coupons Canada and saving at fast-food restaurants, As I do, check out the other coupons offered by Canadianfreestuff and enjoy saving money!