Mary Brown’s Chicken Canada is a company that offers great deals to customers on its products. They offer two different ways to save: Mary Browns coupons and Mobile apps for savings!

I recommend you bookmark this page if you like Mary Brown’s chicken. You can get mobile app promos and exclusive discounts. And more Mary Browns coupons are coming soon.

Mary Browns Coupons for Canada 2023

Now and then, there’ll be a coupon for Mary Browns. We’ll list all Mary Browns coupons and deals below as they come along.

Mary Brown Chicken App - New Mary Browns Coupons for any location in Canada!

Get a Free Big Mary Brown Sandwich

When you download the Mobile app and make your first order through the mobile application, you will receive a free Big Mary sandwich (YUM!). To get Mary Browns coupons for the Mobile app, hurry up to activate it on your mobile phone.

Get the Mary Browns App Here:

Google Play:

Mary Brown Rewards App - New Mary Brown's Coupons for any location in Canada!

Mary Brown’s Points Reward System

Mary Brown’s Points Reward System is another way of Mary Browns coupons. They have a whole Rewards Points system on the application to get FREE items when you reach the reward goal.

Earn 12 Points for Each $1.00 you spend.

Points will never expire as long as your account is active.

You can receive free product rewards when you reach the desired reward level.

  • Get a FREE Big Mary when you first load the app
  • Small gravy – 500 points
  • Apple pie – 500 points
  • Small taters – 800 points
  • Bottle of Pepsi – 800 points
  • Sidekick sandwich original – 900 points
  • Pickle chips – 900 points
  • Crispy Chicken Twists – 900 points
  • Small tater poutine – 1400 points
  • Big Mary – 1600 points
  • Chicken wrap – 1600 points
  • Large chicken pop-ins – 2200 points
  • Six pieces of Signature chicken – 3300 points
  • Nine fragments02 of Signature chicken – 5000 points
  • 13 pieces of Signature chicken – 6250 points
  • 18 pieces of Signature chicken – 7750 points

Get Mary Brown’s app Here:

Google Play:


Big Mary Monday | Mary Browns Coupons, Deals, and Rewards 2023

Big Mary Monday

Mary Browns coupons for Monday! Yes, Every Monday – You can purchase a Big Mary in original or Spicy for just $4.99 every Monday!

Have these Mary Browns coupons expired? Click here for more Restaurant Coupons.

How to Save with Mary Browns Coupons

Mary Browns Rewards Mobile Application!

Mary Brown’s rewards mobile application! Earn points for having fun in the real world and use them to get discounts on your favourite things. Download now; it’s free.

A quick look at Mary Brown’s Rewards Mobile Application: Get rewarded just for being yourself with this app that will help you find deals near wherever life takes us

Mary Browns Coupons 

Mary Browns Coupons is a weekly email that delivers special promotions and tasty innovations to get things done. Sign up for their lists so they can send coupons straight into your inbox!

Mary Browns Promo Code

Mary Brown doesn’t have promo codes in Canada, use the app for their Rewards Points and get specials delivered to your email box.


Choose your Favourite Snacks 2 for $9.99 with tiny tater tots and a can of pop!

Mary Browns Specials

Check the Offers section of Mary Brown’s website for all the current specials at your nearest Mary Brown location by simply entering your postal code.

Mary Browns coupons with social media

Mary Brown’s social media deals are a unique way to find deals and promotions. Check out their  Facebook as a great example of what’s new at the franchise this week.

Mary Browns Mobile Rewards Points System

Mary Brown’s Mobile Rewards Point System is the perfect solution for people who are always on the go. Sign up now and start earning points!

You get a Free Mary Sandwich for joining the Rewards System, and you can now earn free food with the application.

Here’s how it works

When you order ahead or pay through Mary Brown’s Chicken’s mobile app, it will be a snap to discover the ideal thing for any occasion at any participating location and collect points that can be redeemed on anything on the menu.

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Mary Brown Poutine | New Mary Browns Coupons for any location in Canada!

Have You Tried Mary Brown’s Tater Poutine Yet?

Have you tried Mary Brown’s Tater Poutine Yet?
Mary Brow is topped with savoury gravy and your choice of cheese curds or shredded. This product is so addictive that once you try it, it stays on the taste buds in memory.

I cannot think about how good this meal was days later for a long while after eating there-well not anymore since trying.



Mary Browns coupons

Mary Brown’s Story

Mary Brown’s Chicken is now available in over 95 locations across Canada. First introduced at the Golden Skillet Restaurant in 1964, and people couldn’t get enough of it!

Mary has since expanded into other signature creations like her delicious burgers that are sure to hit all your cravings; they even offer gluten-free buns so everyone can enjoy them just as much, if not more, than those without dietary restrictions (gluten-free bread, anyone?)

A company with such an expansive menu isn’t limited only by what you’d expect from their name: They have wings for beer-drinking needs a break or fish & chips on weekends after too many pints during lunchtime working sessions…all.

How it’s made

Have you ever wondered how Mary Brown’s gets the chicken the way they do?

Mary Brown knows how to make the best-tasting chicken. They start with Grade A, cut by hand and then marinated in a special sauce that makes them tender enough for you to bite without breaking apart like other meats might do under pressure from your teeth or knife blade.

In addition, they coat each piece of meat individually.

How are taters made?

Mary Brown’s has served some of the best taters in town for over a hundred years. It started as a way to provide for her family after being widowed and losing everything else they owned.

During the great depression due to how hard life can sometimes be when you’re not always on top of things like potatoes which are so necessary but also fulling fat-free!