Mary Brown’s Canada Coupon for August: 6 Piece Chicken Meal Deal (Printable)

Mary Brown’s Canada Coupon for August: 6 Piece Chicken Meal Deal (Printable)

Mary Browns Printable Coupon For August 2017

Here is the latest printable coupon for Mary Browns Designed only for Canada

  • Get 6 pieces of Delicious Famous Chicken & Medium Taters for $14.99

Yum! Mary Browns is delicious!

Print Mary Brown’s Coupon (scroll down to get your coupon)

Coupon expires on August 31,2017

Offer is valid at participating Mary Brown’s Restaurants only. Not valid with other promotional offers.

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How To Save At Mary Brown’s

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Have You Tried Mary Brown’s Tater Poutine Yet?

If your answer is no, than you do NOT know what you are missing.

If you answered yes, than you know where I am going with this blog post correct.

Mary Brown’s Famous Taters is now topped with savoury gravy and your choice of cheese curds or shredded.

This product is so addictive that once you try it once, it stays on your tastebuds as well as in your memory. I cannot think of the last time that I sat for a meal and actually thought about how good it was days later. Well, Mary Browns Tater Poutine is one of those products.

If you find yourself at Mary Browns in the near future, please, please try this menu item. You will not be sorry.

The Mary Brown’s Story

The first piece of Mary Brown’s chicken was introduced in 1964 at the Golden Skillet Restaurant in Richmond, Virginia. People could not get enough of this mouth-watering dish and wanted more and more. Hence, Mary Browns Signature Chicken was born.

The first Canadian location was opened in St. John’s Newfoundland by two people by the name of Pat Tarrant and Cyril Fleming.During the first year alone they tripled in size!! Now that’s awesome!

Mary Browns as over 95 restaurants across Canada and continues to grow. That juicy chicken really hits the spot.

This brand is not just about their signature chicken. There are other menu options available as well that include wraps, salads, coleslaw, taters, chicken fingers, and sandwiches.

How it’s made

Have you ever wondered how Mary Brown’s get the chicken the way they do?

Well, they start with Grade A chicken, cut it by hand, marinade it in a special sauce that makes it very tender. Then each piece is coated in a special breaded mixture(secret), and cooked in trans fat free canola oil. Creating a perfect piece of chicken each and every time. They never pre-cut their chicken or cook from frozen which is why they have the reputation that they do. Yummy!

How they do taters.

They start with fresh, big whole potatoes, wash them and cut them into wedges. Toss them in a secret breading mixture(signature recipe), and cook them in trans fat free canola oil. This makes them fluffy on the inside while maintaining that crispness on the outside. Dip them in gravy or cover them with a variety of choice.


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