Are you in love with Popeyes Chicken? That spicy chicken is a great hit amongst many Canadians, and we also love it. We’ll help you navigate saving money with your favourite Popeyes chicken sandwich with Popeyes coupons.

Popeyes Daily Deals

There are no Popeyes coupons in Canada per se; there are more online Popeyes deals, such as offers or specials. The Popeyes app is not presently Canadian-friendly, but I am sure it is in the works.

Popeyes Chicken Coupons

Get the following Popeyes coupons for Canada promotions and discounts at a nearby store.

  • Free Flounder Sandwich with Minimum $15 Spend Only on the mobile app or
  • $8.49 – 8Pc Nugget Dinner
  • $8.00 – 2Pc BIC Dinner
  • $5.00 – Get a Large Side for $5
  •  $19.00 – Classic Chicken Sandwich 2 Can Dine
  • $4.99 – Popcorn Shrimp

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Popeyes Hours

Popeyes is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm, but the hours vary.

Ghost Chicken Sandwich at Popeyes for a limited time

Ghost Pepper Chicken Sandwich

If you love Hot, stop at  Popeyes and check out their Ghost Pepper Chicken Sandwich. It’s in participating Canadian  Popeye locations, but this flavour of a Chicken Sandwich is only available briefly. Hurry in and put this Sandwich to the test!







Popeyes Chicken Sandwich - Popeyes Coupons Canada - Huge Save on Popeyes chicken Canada

The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich – The Famous!

Popeyes Chicken launched in the USA in the fall of 2019, and it was hailed as the iPhone of chicken sandwiches, giving McDonald’s and KFC a run for their money.

The Hyped-up sandwich is made with buttermilk-coated chicken fillet, served with spicy mayo and pickles on a brioche biscuit bun. Remember to check for the latest promotion online or current Popeyes coupons in Canada.






About Popeyes Chicken

This restaurant is small and distinct from other restaurants of New Orleans origin. You won’t find green beans, rice or cajun rice. Nothing says you’re coming down from the South like warm, savoury biscuits after dinner. This company is most famous for its spicy chickens of New Orleans styles.

fried chicken - Popeyes Coupons Canada - Huge Save on Popeyes chicken Canada

Chicken Mild or Spicy

The chicken is marinated until about 8 – 10 hours and gives that flavour that will last. Then, they are served on a bed of flour with bread. Available in combos family meals or kids meals available in combination with family meals or kids meals. Yum! Open a day for children.

Mild or Spicy? That is the question. Choose between a soft or spicy style chicken. I like it hot and spicy. This chicken is marinated for at least 12 hours, locking in that flavour. Then, it is hand-battered and breaded. Yummy!!

Available in a Combo, Family Meal, or Kids Meal.

Not Just Chicken, However

You can find many other menu items here as well. Seafood, sandwiches, sides such as red beans, a biscuit, rice, apple pie and many more, depending on your appetite.

Where do you take the family when you want some excellent Cajun chicken, but your family wants something without so much kick? Popeyes Canada, of course! Popeyes Canada has something for every family member, even if they don’t like spicy food.

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Popeyes Canada is well known for its New Orleans-style chicken, but some people don’t like spicy food. Those people can enjoy Popeyes since there is a mild chicken as well. Popeyes isn’t like every other chicken place you’ve experienced.

Popeyes Chicken has to be marinated for 12 hours before battering the batter, then the breading is added. The result is a tender, juicy chicken with a crispy crust to suit the pickiest taste buds. Come on your own for a snack or bring the whole family for a family. Don’t forget you can also get seafood and sandwiches with  Popeyes Coupons Canada!