Save with Swiss Chalet Coupons in the year 2022. Swiss Chalet Restaurants is one of Canada’s most famous Dine-In Chicken dinners.

Rotisserie Chicken gives it not only a juicy chicken but delicious skin to peel off the bird. (Call me Weird, but the skin is one of my favourites!

Find below the latest promotional offers. We’ll help you save money the next time you crave chicken with a swiss chalet promo code; after all, has been helping you save money with coupons for over 20 years.

Swiss Chalet Coupon Codes & Deals: Get the newest Swiss Chalet Coupon Codes for September 2022. Get discounts and save up on your favourite Swiss Chalet meals. Save with the latest savings.

Swiss Chalet Coupons & Deals

Swiss Chalet meals- Get the newest Swiss Chalet Coupons & Deals for August 2021. Get discounts and save up on your favourite Swiss Chalet meals.

Swiss Chalet has several coupon codes/promo codes you can use to get discounts on your favourite chicken meals, including a free appetizer.

Swiss Chalet Coupons, Special Offers & Promotions

Depending on the time of the year, this restaurant offers special offers and promotions on limited-time menu items. They are usually seasonal and last for a short time only!

Coupon on the Swiss Chalet App

 Swiss Chalet Coupons & Deals with Swiss Chalet mobile app

  • Save $5.00 off When you spend $35 on the app.

Suppose you are a vast Mobile User and prefer to do everything by the app! You can also put in your order right from the Mobile App!

Once in a while, they will have a deal or a free promo code exclusive to the swiss Chalet app – so if you are a loyal customer, the mobile app is worth downloading! You can save on quarter dinners; remember, you can get a free appetizer!

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How much does Swiss Chalet charge for delivery?

All orders require a minimum order of $11.99. You will be charged an additional delivery fee if your order is less than $11.99. You can contact their customer service department to ask about their delivery options before checkout.

Swiss Chalet Promo Code, offers on Dinner Deals.


You can find the Latest Dinner Deals online at your local restaurant.


  • Classic Quarter Chicken Dinner plus an appetizer and bottle of pop. $21.99
  • Quarter Chicken Dinner plus an appetizer, a slice of pie and a bottle of pop $23.99
  • 2 of our classic Quarter Chicken Dinners plus 1 appetizer, 1 slice of pie and 2 bottles of pop for $37.49
  • one of 3 collectable Swiss Chalet Puzzles. Each puzzle is 100 pieces for $5.99

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Free Appetizer with Swiss Chalet Coupons


Swiss Chalet Coupon Codes Valid for Free Appetizers

The Best Coupon around is for the FREE appetizer at Swiss Chalet! Of course, it’s not FREE, as you have to purchase the appetizer, but Talk about a Great Promo regardless.

Please scroll below to Find out how to Join their Newsletter! But that’s the secret to getting significant savings.



Consider the Free Appetizers:

  • Spinach Dip
  • Spring Rolls



If you loved the limited Deal of Cripsy Chicken Sandwich, you would be happy to hear it is now a Permanent Sandwich on the menu!



Market Place

You can now order Frozen Ribs and Chicken Pie to prepare for later or Order Soup for the Family in 32oz containers.

Swiss Chalet Coupon (Mailed)

Swiss Chalet does not participate in print coupons, but you could always watch your mail for any flyer specials if they do a mail-out04. Generally, savings are in promo or coupon codes and on the mobile app for offers or a deal on online food delivery.


Other Ways to Save Money

One thing everyone forgets to tell you! This is a great Swiss Chalet Secret of Savings. You don’t always need a coupon to save money on rotisserie chicken and dinner rolls or your favourite meals; There are some offers to consider, such as the Ultimate Dining Card.

Ultimate Dining Room Card and Swiss Chalet Coupons & Deals

Ultimate Dining Card Gift Card

The Ultimate Dining Card! You can purchase this ultimate dining card at many local stores such as Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaws stores, Walmart, and Costco.




CAA Members Coupon


CAA Members can Save 10% off on all orders, including the Mobile app or Phone Orders,

To get the 10% off

Enter your CAA membership number during checkout, or call your local Swiss Chalet restaurant if you have any issues.



Join the Newsletter

Never miss another savings on a dining experience without using a coupon or discount again; plus, you will get a Unique Coupon code to a Free Appetizer when you first join the Swiss Chalet newsletter! Hot Spinach Dip, Spring Rolls, Perogies and many more!

FAQ about Savings

Does Swiss Chalet have a seniors discount?

No, This restaurant does not offer senior discounts. But when you use the coupons and promotional coupon code they have this month, you can get a great deal. They always have new deals when you sign up for their email newsletter.


Does Swiss Chalet have a CAA discount?

They will give you 10% off your order if you are a CAA member. If you are not, don’t worry! Swiss Chalet promo codes and coupons are on our page to get similar savings.


Promo Code- Swiss Chalet Coupons & Deals

The Obvious Swiss Chalet Promo Codes

It is finding the latest promo Codes! If not listed above, check your phone app, and if not there, – It’s possible there is none right now, but Here’s how to use one.

Copy the Swiss Chalet Coupon code into the Website or app to ask if you have a coupon code, enter it and watch your subtotal go down.

Popular Coupons can also be seen in Mailers, some Newspapers, promo, and online.




Previous Expired Swiss Chalet Coupons

  • Two can Dine very popular for a discount.
  • Get a Whole Rotisserie Chicken for $5.00 When You Order a Family Pak
  • 2 Quarter Chicken Dinners

Coupon Expired?

See our other Restaurant Coupons 

The Swiss Chalet Menu

The menu at Swiss Chalet is nothing but extraordinary. From pasta and rice bowls to the ever-popular rotisserie Chicken, dinner rolls, salads and even BBQ ribs. If eating as a couple, remember to 2 that can dine Coupon code—many gluten-free items on the menu, including the Rotisserie Bird, fries, and some Dipping Sauces.

Swiss Chalet Restaurant

About Swiss Chalet Restaurants

Swiss Chalet started in 1954 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and has grown into a big franchise these days. There are over 200 locations across Canada.

The brand is part of Recipes Unlimited. You can visit any restaurant or even get take-out using online services such as online and mobile apps. Get Food Delivered to your doorstep via Food Services or Get Swiss Chalet Restaurant to deliver. Just remember to use a Swiss Chalet Coupon or promo code to start saving money the next time you order a quarter chicken dinner. So, go to a swiss chalet, enjoy!