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Aug 31, 2020

Save with Swiss Chalet Coupons in the year 2020. Swiss Chalet Restaurants is one of the most famous Dine-In Chicken dinners known in Canada. Find below the latest promotional offers from Swiss Chalet Canada. We’ll help you save money the next time your craving Rotisserie Chicken.

New Swiss Chalet Coupons & Discounts Canada

Here are the latest deals to help you save the next time you dine at Swiss Chalet.

  • Get a Free appetizer unique coupon code when you sign up for Swiss Chalet emails
  • CAA Members – Order any 2 Swiss Chalet entreés and Get a Coupon code for a free appetizer or dessert
  • Swiss Chalet participates with Scene Points

Swiss Chalet Promo Codes

  • 2 Quarter Chicken Dinners For $17.99 – Promo Code: EMAIL400 
  • Deluxe Delivery Dinner For 2 Meal Deal – Promo Code: SC406
  • Delivery Meal Deal – Quarter Chicken Dinner + Appetizer + Can Of Pop
    Use Promo Code: SC404


  • Family Packs starting from $28.99
  • Quarter chicken with shrimp and a side for $14.99
  • 1/3 Rack of Rib Dinner for $16.99
  • Rotisserie Chicken items starting from $9.79
  • Classic poutine for $12.99


Free Delivery on First Order Online through DoorDash

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How to Save Money at Swiss Chalet

One thing everyone forgets to tell you! This is a great Swiss Chalet Secret of Savings!

Ultimate Gift Card

Ultimate Dining Card Gift Card

The Ultimate Dining Card! You can purchase this ultimate dining card at many local stores such as Shoppers Drug Mart, some Loblaws stores, Walmart, Costco. So if you can find an Ultimate Dining Card when a store is having a special $10.00 off or a Save 10% off gift Cards – Or during Christmas when all the stores listed on Ultimate Dining Card is promoting it, It’s a great way to add those extra Savings! Just always remember to buy yourself gift cards when on sale to all the stores or restaurants you use.

Join the Newsletter

Never Miss another Swiss Chalet Special, or Promo Code again, Plus when you first join you will get a Unique Coupon code to a Free Appetizer! Hot Swiss Chalet Spinach Dip, Spring Rolls, Perogies and many more!

Download the Swiss Chalet App

If you are a huge Mobile User and prefer to do everything by the app! You can also put in your order right from the Mobile App! Once in a while, they will have a special that is only put on the App – so if you are a loyal Swiss Chalet user, then the App is something worth downloading! You just save on a quarter chicken dinner!

Promotional Code

The Obvious Coupon Codes!

Finding the latest Swiss Chalet Coupon Codes! If not listed above, check your phone app, and if not there, – It’s possible there is none right now, but Here’s how to use one

Simply copy the promo code into the Website or app where it asks if you have a coupon code, and simply enter it, and watch your subtotal go down.

Popular Coupons – can also be seen in Mailers, and in some Newspapers, Swiss Chalet promo as well as online.

Expect to see many promo codes for the following:

  • 2 can Dine is very popular for a discount
  • Get a Whole Rotisserie Chicken for $5.00 When You Order a Family Pak
  • 2 Quarter Chicken Dinners

Quarter Chicken at Swiss Chalet Restaurant

The Swiss Chalet Menu

The menu at Swiss Chalet is nothing but extraordinary. From pasta and rice bowls to the ever-popular Rotisserie Chicken and even BBQ ribs. If eating as a couple remembers to see if there is a Swiss Chalet 2 that can dine Coupon code.

Gluten-Free Options:

There are lots of items on the Swiss Chalet Menu that are gluten-free. Including the Rotisserie Chicken, fries and some of the Dipping Sauces.

Family Pak – If you have a family of 4, this is the deal for you. Choose to keep your chicken whole or cut into four pieces. The Family Pack comes with chicken, four single sides, four rolls, and a large Chalet dipping sauce for your enjoyment. Available sides include fries, potatoes, vegetable medley, Caesar salad, rice, coleslaw, and more. Use a Swiss Chalet coupon code to save!




Kids Korner

If you are a parent, you are going to love the Kids Korner.

Choose your child’s favourite main dish(quarter chicken, mini chicken sandwiches, cheesy pasta, BBQ ribs, mini burgers, chicken strips, or cheesy pasta). Then add their favourite side(fries, salad, etc.). Pick your beverage and add a unique treasure. Kids just love it!

Swiss Chalet Delivers

Swiss Chalet Promo can deliver if your order is over $11.99. The choice of Pickup is always available regardless of the amount spent.

Swiss Chalet Store Front

About Swiss Chalet Restaurants

Swiss Chalet all Started back in 1954 in Toronto Ontario Canada and has grown into a huge franchise these days. There are over 200 locations across Canada.

The brand is part of Recipes Unlimited. You can visit any restaurant or even get take out using online services such as online and mobile apps. Get Food Delivered to your doorstep via using Food Services, or Get Swiss Chalet Restaurant to deliver. Just remember to use a Swiss Chalet Coupon or promo code to start saving money the next time you order a quarter chicken dinner

Theme Song

“Always so good for so little”…I bet you sang those words, didn’t you? W, en I hear that little jingle on the Swiss Chalet commercial, it seems to stick in my head all day.



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  1. Why can’t you switch back to 2 can dine for 15.99 for CAA members, most people don’t get the dessert due to weight issues and diabetes. Can you try to get this offer back. I definitely would eat at swiss chalet more times in the month. Please and thank you.


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