Barbarito is a great Bar and Grill with Mexican Cuisine. Barburrito is a Mexican cuisine restaurant that serves fresh, healthy food. They have locations all over Canada, the most popular being in Vancouver. Barburrito has an app to order your meal or eat it there on-site.

The best part about ordering from their app is that they offer coupons!

You can find them under “More” at the bottom of the menu.

These coupons are available for any meal and range in value from $1-$5 off your purchase – which could make quite a difference if you’re trying to save money! Use this post as inspiration to check out Barburritos’ website and download their app today so you can enjoy delicious food while saving even more money than before

Barburrito Coupons

Barburrito Coupon for december

For December  2021, you can use the following promo code when ordering online.

Use the Coupon code: HOLIDAY10 

Click Here to Order

The coupon Expires on December 31, 2021

Save with Uber Eats

Buy 1 Get 1 FREE with Ubereats

BarBurrito & UBEREATS Deal

  • Buy one burrito or bowl on Uber Eats and get one free!
  • Select the deal item under the Buy 1 get 1 free category on Uber Eats
    Applies to Bean Cheese + Guacamole Burrito & Bowl or Mild Chicken Burrito & Bowl.

Exclusively on Uber Eats

Click Here to go to Uber Eats

The offer is  valid until December 22, 2021


BarBurrito Mobile App

BarBuritto App

Get the new Barburrito App today to start ordering from your phone Plus; it has built-in Rewards points towards a free burrito!

When you download the BarBurrito App, here’s what you will get!

  • Get Exclusive Offers
  • Order Ahead
  • Collect Points
  • Earn Rewards

How the Barburrito Loyalty Rewards Program Works

  • Earn 1 point for every dollar spent

Collect points by signing into your account and scanning your app in-store or placing an order online

  • Select “Reward Options” to see what items you earned for free

To redeem rewards when placing an online order, click on “Use Rewards” on the “Review Order” page

Redeeming Points for a FREE Buritto

Redeem Barburitto Points

Let’s See what you can redeem your Points for!

  • Get FREE Chips & Salsa with 35 points
  • Get FREE Extreme Chips with 70 points
  • Get a FREE Small Burrito with 80 points
  • Get a FREE Burrito Bowl with 100 points
  • Get a Free Gluten Friendly Burrito with 120 points


Where to Find BarBurritos in Canada

If you live in a city with over 60,000 people, you will have Barburittos! They have multiple locations in the following provinces.

  • British Columbia – 9 Locations found in Southern BC
  • Alberta – All Major Cities – Total of 32 locations
  • Saskatchewan –  10 locations in the province
  • Manitoba – 6 Locations found in  Southern Manitoba
  • Ontario – Over 100 locations in Southern Ontario
  • Nova Scotia – Find3 locations in the province
  • Quebec – 3 Locations

Find a Location Near You 

BarBurritos Menu

if you are looking for an excellent alternative for a Gluten-Free Lunch or Dinner! Consider BarBurritos they do have a few tremendous Gluten-Friendly menu items with Burritos, Bowls and Quesadillas

What you will find on the Barburritos Menu. It’s not a HUGE menu selection, but usually, when your menu is small, it means you are good at your products!

  • You will find a Big Selection of Burritos
  • Burrito bowls
  • Quesadillas
  • Tacos
  • Fries and Loaded Fries
  • Chips Trio and Loaded Chips
  • Chips & Salsa
  • Churros and dip
  • Drinks include Jarritos, soft drinks and bottled water

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The BarBurritos is a great lunch date idea, where you can easily find deals, rewards towards free burritos, gluten-free options, and not to mention Barburritos coupons!