Montana’s Ribfest ~ All-You-Can-Eat Ribs ~ Ending Soon

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New Montana’s Deals for Canada.

Ribfest is Back, for a Limited Time Only.

  • All-You-Can-Eat Ribs, all day, every day.

Find a Restaurant Near You & Learn More

Montana’s Deals are available for a limited time only, end date is unknown


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Montana’s Restaurants

Montana’s was founded back in 1993 in Ontario. Now you can find them all over Canada.

Branded and are well known for their Ribs, they are some of the juiciest and tastiest found anywhere in a chain store.

Once you walk into one of their restaurants it’s like you are in a different place You would think you are in texas  enjoying a relaxing day with family & friends.

Did I mention the food was amazing?  You will notice their portion sizes are large – You get what you pay for at Montana’s restaurant.

Did you know the ribs are so delicious because they are not only grilled to perfection but have been smoked for hours – You won’t need a knife or fork to cut these ribs.  Meat Lovers Club

If you are a meat-lover than be sure to sign up for the Montana’s Meat Lovers Club now. You will be the first to know about upcoming promotions, contests, deals, and of course all the latest meat dishes that they offer. Special member only discounts and other benefits as well.

Sign up today. You won’t be disappointed.



  1. Had issue with my order Montanna’s, some time ago. Mentioned another Montannas, Wellington Rd Lo don Ontario Manager said next time come will make it right, did not disappoint. Food hot, excellent, service fab. Every chance l can, visit this Montannas. Recently finished 4years dental and facial cancer. Very touched this Manager went above and tell everyone eat there as well. Your steak tastes like roast beef and make three meals…should advertise as is the best. Again tell all l can. Thank you.
    Be great also if we receive dinner on my birthday…Tony Tomas does….


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