We all Love Montana’s Restaurant, but We all want to save money, so We have come up with a way to break down all Montanas Coupons and Specials to help you save money more found at Montana’s ca.!

Montana’s Coupons!

Every Sunday: Save 15% off on Taking out! Use the following coupon code: TAKE15

Montana Mobile App Promo Code

Montanas Coupons Discounts Specials! | montanas coupons

Montana’s Wants encourages the public to download their Mobile Application and is currently giving you a $5.00 off Coupon Code for your First Order on the application.

Coupon Code: BBQOFF 

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Montana’s Cookhouse Specials & Deals

Something I love about Montana’s Restaurant here in Canada! I love their Daily discounts, and they have quite a few of the days of the Week Covered! Also, they have a whole family or couple in mind!

The Whole Family Montana Restaurant Special


Every Tuesday, Kids Eat Free  – By the Way, Canadianfreestuff has a whole list of where kids can eat free, including a printable pdf for you to hang on your fridge.

Wing Night

Montana Special 1/2 Price Wings

Every Monday, Montana has Wing Night, where you get Wings for 1/2 price the regular cost!  I’m from a rural Canadian town. We have Pub Wing Wednesdays – so every other gather at the local watering hole for Cheap Chicken Wings.

Take 15% off on Sunday with Coupon Code

Every SUNDAY You can Save 15% off on Takeout by using the Coupon Code: TAKE15 online. Great for those Families who are exhausted from a weekend getaway and don’t feel like cooking but want that Sunday Family Dinner at home.


Montana Ribs

Montana Ribs Special

Montana is known for its yummy ribs, and if you love messy ribs, try out Montana’s All you Can Eat Ribs Every Wednesday!  Meat Coma Here we come!

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Montana’s Deals are available for a Limited Time Only.

Free Starter with Montanas Grill Lovers club

Join the Club to Get a Free Appetizer! and they will serve you free Dessert with purchase on the week of Your Birthday ( Hello Free Birthday Gifts)

Montanas Grill Lovers Club

If you are a meat-lover, then be sure to sign up for Montana’s Meat Lovers Club now. You will be the first to know about upcoming promotions, contests, deals, coupons, and of course, all the latest meat dishes they offer. Exclusive member-only discounts and other benefits as well.

Sign up today. You won’t be disappointed.

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