At Burger King Canada, you can enjoy the convenience of fast food with their delicious menu items known and loved worldwide. With expert business leaders running things behind the scenes, they always provide customers with a unique experience.

If your life is as busy as ours here at, let us do an extra task for you – finding all those money-saving Burger King coupons in Canada and deals! So take some me time next time and treat yourself without breaking the bank…it’s just a few clicks away for specials on the burger king app.

Burger King Coupons Canada  March 2023

Burger King Coupons Canada and Deals | Burger King Mobile App Coupons and Offers

Burger King Coupons Canada and BK App Specials

Don’t forget to download the burger king app! It is available for both Android and iOS. The hottest mobile-only coupons are found on the app.

Find exclusive mobile coupons and other coupons, Burger King  Restaurant specials, promo codes and coupons that you can use while dining at their restaurants or use to pick up your order as Pickup to save money ( curbside )

Some new batch promotions currently active include the following participating Burger King’s hottest mobile exclusive offers.


Burger King Coupons for March Deal

Original Chicken Sandwich Meal

Our treat to you! Get one Chicken Sandwich meal $6.00

This deal is on till March 12, 2023

**Prices may not be the same for all provinces.

These Burger King Coupons Canada or promo codes are available in the Burger King Canada app for a limited period.

The app is accessible on the Burger King Canada website and AppStore.

Burger King Specials – Rewards Program: Royal Perks

Burger king has a new loyalty program.

Start getting rewarded for your subsequent flame-grilled cravings, and get some VIP access in-store. Not only will you get premium ingredients when you customize your sandwich, but everything on the menu, including items on the exclusive mobile offers.

Burger King Coupons Canada with Royal Perks

Redeem FREE FOOD with a Burger King Coupons Canada

How the Burger King Canada Royal Perks Works | Redeem FREE FOOD with a Burger King Coupons Canada

The New Loyalty Program  works like this

  1. Earn Crowns 100 for every $1.00 spent at Burger King
  2. Redeem Crowns for eligible menu items on the offer tiers
  3. Get Exclusive Perks on the App
  4. Get a Welcome Bonus of 5000 Crowns

FREE Food Opportunity upon Burger Kings VIP Program

Burger King looks to have expired the FREE Whopper, but with the loyalty Program, you can get different food for free and have a lot of variety on how to spend your FREE Crowns.

Since there is a Welcome Bonus of 5000 bonus Crowns – you can redeem your bonus points for items like a chicken sandwich, cheeseburgers, fries, onion rings and more.

Royal Crowns can get free food at burger king | Redeem FREE FOOD with a Burger King Coupons Canada

Under the 2000 Crowns Redemption level

  • Apple Turnover
  • Small French Fries
  • Small onion rings
  • Small soft Drinks
  • Small Soft Ice Cream

Under the 4000 Crown Redemption Level, you can get the following treats

  • Medium French Fries
  • Medium Onion Rings
  • Medium Soft Drinks
  • Cheese Burger
  • Chicken Jr Burger
  • Spicy Chicken JR Burger

So it’s very similar to the Mcdonald’s Rewards program, which most Canadians are aware of, and probably already have the rewards app.

You should download the Burger King app to get Canada’s latest official Burger King coupons.

Download the Burger King app on Google or from the Apple Store.

Or you can watch your Mailbox for special mailer Burger King coupons from the hottest new menu additions, large fries, breakfast items, and desserts at your nearest Burger King Restaurants in Canada.

All Deals and coupons are always at participating burger King locations only.

Whopper Meal | Redeem with a Burger King Coupons Canada
How do I redeem at Participating Burger Kings?

  • First, you must sign in to the official Burger King app for mobile ordering.
  • Apply to Mobile order and wait for it to be applied at checkout!
  • Once you have used one of these Burger King coupons successfully, they are usually activated until
  • Read the full terms and conditions before using these fast food coupons to know what is permitted.



How to Redeem Mailer Coupons

If you receive coupons in your mailbox, you can take them to the restaurant or drive-thru, let them know you redeem burger king coupons, and hand them over when you pay.

Mailer Burger King Coupons Canada is a great way to discover a new meal the next time you dine and visit. It may be an excellent time to try a new chicken sandwich this week or use a Burger King coupons Canada code to get the next deal at your favourite Canadian location.


About Burger King

Burger King is renowned for its delicious whopper meals, and with over 11 million satisfied customers worldwide, it’s no wonder why! With their commitment to providing top-notch food at affordable prices, Burger King makes the perfect place to visit again and again. Be part of the family today – it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience!

Burger King is known for its iconic Whopper hamburger, which has delighted over eleven million customers worldwide. At Burger King, you can enjoy high-quality food at an affordable price, making it a great place to visit time and again.

Join us today and be part of the family: it’s sure to be an experience you won’t forget! For healthier options, Burger King offers salads, grilled sandwiches, and delicious and nutritious wraps.

Treat yourself to a tempting meal with Burger King’s range of fast food! With their vegan menu full of flavorful treats and commitment to high-quality ingredients, you can savour the deliciousness like never before.

In addition, get extra savings when you sign up for their rewards program—enjoy all this from your nearby store, online, or through their app.

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