McDonald’s Promotions for Canada

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McDonald’s Deals for Canada.

The following Deals are available on the McDonald’s Mobile App.

McDonald’s Mobile app Deals vary by Location. Check your app for deals available in your area.

Some of the offers currently available in my area are:

  • Filet-O-Fish Sandwich 50% off
  • $2 off any Purchase of $10 or More
  • Breakfast Sandwich for $2
  • 2 Regular Size McFlurry for $5
  • and More

How to Find these Mcdonald’s Deals! 

  • Open your McDonald’s Mobile App
  • Check Offers

Get More Information about the mobile App

Theses mobile app deals are usually valid Monday to Sunday, each week new deals are updated in the app.

McDonald’s Deals Offer is Valid for a Limited Time Only

McDonald’s Deals on Value Meals for Canada.

  • $5.00 McDouble Meal OR Junior Chicken Meal

Valid at Participating Restaurants Only.

Find a McDonald’s Near You

McDonald’s Deals Offer is Valid for a Limited Time Only

McDonald’s McCafe Rewards Promotion.

Mccafe Rewards at McDonald’s

  • Enjoy a FREE Medium McCafe beverage when you buy 7 hot beverages.
  1. Purchase any McCafe hot and delicious beverage
  2. Peel the McCafe rewards card off your first cup
  3. Collect the stickers off your 7 hot beverages cups
  4. Redeem your completed McCafe card for your FREE hot McCafe beverage at any McDonalds participating restaurant

Get More Information HERE

Offer is valid for a limited time.


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What’s New at McDonald’s?

McDonald’s Restaurants across Canada as just introduced the new Salad Bowls!

These salads are made with delicious fresh ingredients like baby kale, apples, parmesan, coucous, and more.

Try one of these varieties of salad the next time you are visiting;

  • Harvest Salad Bowl
  • Cesar Salad Bowl
  • Greek Salad Bowl

Become a Salad Society Member to be kept up to date on all the latest salad news at Mcdonald’s

Plus when you become a member and you could win 1 of 10 $10 gift cards.

This offer ends on August 6, 2015 so keep that in mind.

McDonald’s Card

Load your card with a specific dollar amount and use it at your convenience. No more fumbling or loose change on your next visit. Makes a great gift as well. The first restaurant location was opened in 1955 and from that very first day people were hooked. They cannot get enough of that delicious goodness. They are most famous for the Big Mac Sandwich and kids seem to love their Happy Meals.

Did you know?

That 2.5 million people visit Mcdonald restaurants on a daily basis.

There are over 1400 restaurants located in Canada

The Big Mac Sandwich was introduced in 1968

Happy Meals

Happy Meals have changed somewhat to give you more options. All meals now include yogurt, a choice of side, drink, and a toy. Available in the following; Chicken McNuggets, Chicken Snack Wrap, Cheeseburger, Hamburger, Grilled Cheese.



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