We all love getting rewarded in our favourite places to shop.  And after all, Canadianfreestuff.com is about saving money with everyday living and trying not to make you spend money. Get the latest free reward cards for stores in Canada

There’s nothing like getting free stuff by being a loyal user these days. But what are the better loyalty programs available in Canada?

So I will go through my “Daily list” of what I use as an everyday user.

The Best Rewards Cards You can get for FREE in Canada

Why are Rewards loyalty programs so Popular in Canada?

The answer is that the major companies want you to stay in their stores or restaurants, so you keep returning time and time, and there are some winners out there.

How Do I rate the rewards program?

  1. Simplicity – it must be easy to use – or I know I won’t use it to its full potential. I prefer suitable old plastic as a backup. I find Reward iPhone applications painful if something goes wrong with an update somewhere between a new IOS or the app itself has an update.  So I prefer programs I can have both in my wallet and on my phone.
  2. Value: How often I must use the rewards program to see a benefit?  And this is where individual tastes and shopping habits will vary from person to person.
  3. Expiration Dates: The longer the expiry rewards allow, the better the program.
  4. Redemption Process: The cashing in the big Rewards.

MY Ultimate Favorite Rewards Loyalty Program

PC optimum rewards program Card

PC Optimum: Loyalty Program


  • Free to Join
  • Allows both Cards to a Mobile Application
  • Multiple users per account ( great for families)

Get points for purchases made at any Loblaws store and Shoppers Drug Mart.  – Massive bonus as SDM has both exceptional grocery purchase items and high-end cosmetics and everything in between.

Point value is Okay, and it involves some tweaking on the consumer end to max the potential. I just let my usual shopping habits guide me; I don’t look at the rewards unless I know many points to spend a minimum amount.  The more I use it, the more in tune it does become with my shopping habits on what I buy in three months. My husband does a great deal of grocery shopping these days, so he watches the bonus points every week.

Redemption Process? So Easy -Tell the cashier if they don’t ask you to redeem your PC optimum rewards points. You can redeem it for as little as $10.00

I regain at least $100.00 every six months, and We’re not pros, and we are almost empty nesters. I do a redemption in July and another during the Christmas season. I think this is the Best Rewards Program in Canada!

Tim Hortons Rewards Program for coffee

Tim Hortons App

I love my Timmies coffee every morning when I go to my day job. So every other week, I get Free Coffee.

The Tim Hortons Mobile Coupons/ rewards system updated its rewards points in 2020. It still works out to get a FREE Hot Beverage after so many purchases, but now you collect points with every purchase, Free Mobile Coupons weekly, and much more. Now you don’t have to wait for the “Roll up to win” contest to get a Free Tim Hortons Coffee.

Value: for me, it’s incredible – as I am shopping there five days a week.  Now, I get free coffee every second week. So I’m saving the value of Two Extra Large Coffees per month.  ( SWEET!!)

Only Con: One reward per purchase, and you must wait 30 minutes between investments. So if you order four coffees, it will only count as a Single Purchase, and you will only earn 1 point.

McDonalds Coffee Program

McDonald’s Reward Card Program

If you aren’t a Tim Horton’s Fan of coffee – then you are a McDonald’s coffee fan, it seems.


Value: Great if you purchase regularly.

Cons: They don’t have baked goods as part of the program.

Boston Pizza Loyalty Card

 Boston Pizza Loyalty Program


Free food for rewards: Free Appetizer for only joining, Free Birthday Dessert, and Free Pizza on your 1st anniversary. Get Free pizza bread with your first online order and deals such as $5 off, $25 on your fifth order and 15% off your tenth order.

Kids: Register a Kids Boston Pizza Card and get a 6th Kid meal free. Excellent Rewards Program in Canada

Value: It’s well worth signing up and enjoying the free food, that’s for sure.

Cons: It’s not a cheap place to eat out all the time. But a few extra dollars add up.


Triangle Rewards Card

Canadian Tire Money: Rewards Program

Now Called Triangle Rewards!

Earn Canadian Money with Purchases at various stores besides Canadian Tire: Marks, Sports Chek and a few other stores.

Pros: Now, you can use your Triangle Membership Card to add your points.  You no longer have to carry around actual Canadian Tire money around anymore.

Value: I find it very unrewarding myself, but if you frequently shop at the locations and have the Gas Bar accessible, I can see how you can add some points to save money, especially on bonus days. A True Canadian Rewards Program

Redeem: Can be redeemed at any time for any amount.

Cons: Low value unless you catch a bonus type.

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