Radio Contests are an excellent way to enter to win! However, there are way “fewer” contestants than the typical online contests you enter.
When you sit and think about it: Your only other competitors are the people in your area that are listening at that moment.  And Really, how many people are only “tuned in ” to enter the Contest.?”
So the chances of your ability to win Free Tickets are boosted!

Here are some Great Tips on Increasing Your odds to Win the Contest by listening to the Radio.

How to Win Radio Contests |

Learn Your local Radio Stations

All Radio stations usually have giveaways on the air and social media – Search online and see radio stations are in your area. ( You will most likely need to drive to pick up the prize)  Once you have learned which radio stations are reasonably local to you, You can begin following them online and turn on your RadioRadio to listen to various radio stations.

Most Radio stations let you “stream” their audio so you can listen to the radio stations via your computer without setting up another device to monitor.

How to Win Radio Contests |

Get Organized

To be competitive with radio contests, you will need to stay organized and stay on top of various radio stations’ different sweepstakes.

Write Down upcoming contests – Keep track of the radio station, date, time, telephone number)  You can also use an online calendar such as Google calendar.

You will also need to include information if there are tips the Announcer gives in the prelaunch of the Contest – May include when a specific song is played, or perhaps it’s a trivia question you will need to call in to answer.

15 Minute Reminders

Once you have become organized with all the possible contests, you plan on entering, Set up a reminder to notify you before the competition begins. It will give you time to turn on your RadioRadio and phone, ready to start.

If you are using an online calendar, you can set up a reminder, usually right in the application. You can easily set a reminder in the app.


Speed Dial Works Great for Entering Radio Station Sweepstakes


Most radio stations ask the listeners to call a specific number to call. So, give yourself an edge and add the phone numbers to your cellphone on speed dial.  Adding the Number to your contact list will allow you to speed dial and, you won’t have the accident of misdialing.

Keep Calling Until the Winner is Announced.

Don’t make the mistake of calling once and getting a busy signal, and quit. So keep dialling until you get through.

If you get a busy signal, hang up. Then, call and call again until you get through, or the RadioRadio declares the winner.

How to Win Radio Contests |

Use More Than One Phone

If you still have a landline ( Not many people do these days), you can use your landline to your advantage, Or perhaps you have a company cellphone and a personal cellphone. Call the radio stations with both phones at the same time. It will double your chances of getting through.

Don’t forget to use your speaker function on your cellphone to help you keep track of which phone gets to a human.

Be Choosy About What You Enter to Win

Radio stations have giveaways at random times and various prizes such as movie tickets, Event Tickets, maybe a Free CD or DVD; nearly every station has a limit of how often you can win. The Usual is a month or 30 days.

So if you suspect an excellent prize may be coming up for a Free Concert Tickets that you want – you’ll need to pass up the entry to enter to win on the other giveaways available.