TikTok Amazon Finds

If you have scrolled through TikTok, I’m sure you have watched ads or have seen people showing you what they have purchased from Amazon as a review and a Must Have. Now you can find below the latest TikTok amazon finds for Canadian shoppers. We have taken some amazon reviews left on the actual amazon website when choosing the TikTok amazon finds for this list and left out many products that had too many negative reviews compared to positive ones.

(Disclaimer – All links will lead to Amazon.ca, which we may earn a small percentage of compensation for ) 

Tiktok Made Me Buy

You will discover various TikTok made me buy, items including but not limited to items such as charging station, water bottle, food-grade silicone products, different kitchen gadgets, the latest beauty products and home hair care. The list goes on and on regarding TikTok Internet products and the latest products to try. All items can be purchased on Amazon Canada, and we have done our best to provide a current photo and links with the current stock of the products.

The Famous Tiktok Amazon Charging Station


The Charging station

The Charging Station that ” Tiktok Made Me buy “in 2020 was wild; everyone is in love with this perfect setup for charging your items at home. It’s ideal for those of you that want everything in one tiny spot. It can charge your phone, watch air buds all in a tiny department- A great idea for everyone with several charging apple items.

Tik Tok Water Bottles

Everyone loves various bottles, some like special tops, straws, materials etc. There are so many reviewed on TikTok! We chose two to bring to you on this page,  simple yet classical looking.

Glass Water Bottles

Glass Bamboo Water Bottle 

This water bottle has been making its move on TikTok as a must-have from various fans. If you like a water bottle made out of heavy glass and the sleek texture of a silicone band, with a  Bamboo top and a Silicone straw, it is not easy to tip over and is not easy to break.  Overall, the thoughts of this bottle for water are all positive on Amazon .ca

Flat Water Bottles

Flat Water Bottles 

The Flat Water Bottle. Looks sleek and may very well be handy in your briefcase or in your bag to lay flat when packing; a few  Amazon reviewers did have a concern about  Cleaning this item. So to all those of you wanting to buy a Flatwater container, consider only adding water to it, as it isn’t going to be easy to clean if you add flavouring into it.

What does every girl need from Amazon?

The tips on Beauty products and reviews on various beauty products purchased from Amazon and reviewed on TikTok.    We chose a few different products for you to consider on your next Amazon shopping spree. We chose a handful to show you what looked cool and interesting with mostly positive reviews.

Shampoo & Conditioner Massager

Shower Silicone Scalp Massager 

This little TikTok amazon finds some excellent reviews, and I can see how TikTok made me buy it! If you have either ridiculously thick hair or losing hair, it is all about scalp care, and this little silicone massager can help you with a variety of hair health issues. I love when I’m at the hairdresser, and they spend the time to massage in your shampoo and conditioner. Now I can do it at home and for a low price; try it out if you think you need better self-care on your hair and scalp.

Makeup Organizers with adjustable dividers Bags

Marble Makeup Organizers and Storage

Organizational products are all the rage online and have been for years. There is always a great number of products to help you organize your stuff, and this beautiful travel bag is perfect for organizing all your cosmetics and beauty products. So many departments and amazon review users have positive things to say. Did We Mention it’s also Waterproof?  This Makeup Organizer has a price of less than $50 Canadian.

Jade Roller & Gua Sha, Face Roller

The Face Roller

Get your face massaged and cooled all at the same time. There are tons of users on Tiktok that swear by using Gua Sha; it’s made a difference in their completion. Many users on Amazon seem to have left a positive review of this beauty product to get a great skin completion. You will hear several TikTok fans say this works to help with dark eyes, minimize wrinkles and much more for your skin. It has a price tag of less than $30 as a Regular Price.

Foot Peel Mask

Foot Peel Mask for Baby Soft Feet 

Summer is on its way, and everyone wants to show off their feet in the sand or start showing off their summer sandals around the corner. One of the huge new trends are doing foot peel masks – you can easily find gross pictures of pictures on TikTok showing people’s feet during the flaking process; also, you can view amazon pictures and see the products fans show the peeling process as part of their review  Make sure you read lots of amazon reviews as there are many feet masks on the market. Still, only a handful have great reviews. 2 packs are going for less than $60 Canadian.

Revlon Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Face Roller ( Great Review)

Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Face Roller

If you suffer from oily skin, this might be your next favourite new beauty product. Many TikTok users swear by this gadget, and many have left a positive review on Amazon. According to one user, it only works for a few hours keeping the oil away; you can find several video reviews on this product on Tiktok or youtube and obviously Instagram.

e.l.f., Poreless Putty Primer

e.l.f., Poreless Putty Primer,

Beauty Influencers are chatting this product up on TikTok and other social media platforms; many of these influencers talk a lot about this foundation primer in a positive light, saying it really works well when it comes to hiding pores; the only amazon negative reviews was it doesn’t hide wrinkles, but let’s be honest, I think the only thing that covers wrinkles is photoshop ( wink) It’s priced at just under the $10.00 price point, so if you are looking for a primer that helps reduce the look of pores give this elf product a try.

Shea Moisture Strengthening Masque,

Shea Moisture Leave-in Conditioner

Curly Hair Product Alert! I know my niece has severely curly hair, and she’s always looking for products to help, and deep conditioner is the key to soften those curls and help any tangles you may have after a shower. This leave-in Conditioner can be used for anyone that wants to do a deep conditioner once a week. It has Castor oil in it, one of the main ingredients that actually softens your hair. According to fans, this product is the Bomb and only a few negative reviews on the smell. The Price Tag is less than $12.00

Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint Spray

Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint Spray
If you have Light Hair ( natural or dyed very light), this fun product could be a great item to purchase to give yourself a temporary new look! It’s like a wash-out dye product to give you a hint of pink gold to your blond hair. Looks like fun and tons of positive reviews.


L’Oreal Paris 8-Second Wonder Liquid Conditioner Hair Treatment

A heavily promoted product on TikTok – is this L’Oreal Paris 8-Second Wonder Liquid Conditioner Hair Treatment, and it’s because there have been several influencers given this product for review! Many positive reviews are on it, but most comments commented they were given this product for review. One negative comment was this hair treatment’s first ingredient was Alcohol, which could damage your hair.

Ticktock Amazon Finds for Your Car

Bling Auto Hooks Organizer Holder

The Auto Hooks in Bling If you are a girly girl or perhaps you are a very organized person, this might be a great solution for you. I think this would be a great place to hang your purse – especially when you are used to being the driver and set your purse, not the passenger seat, you have a passenger, and you toss the bag on the back seat floor. – No more having to put your bag on a dirty floor! But it could be handy for so much more, especially if you have kids. The choice is what colour of Bling?

Car Oil Diffuser – USB – Office or Small Bathroom

Car Diffuser USB Humidifier Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser Cool Mist Air Refresher

If you are tired of having trees hanging in your mirror and have an extra spot in your cup holder, enjoy your essential oils while you drive. There are many on the market to choose from. Still, this particular infuser seems to be the most honest of them all regarding power. You need to make sure you have enough USB power sources, So out of spending time reviewing all the different car oil diffusers on Amazon, this company at least has put it all out there. Also, you can use it in a tiny room such as an office or small bathroom.

Travel Lock

Travel Lock?Home Security Door Locker?Prevent Unauthorized Entry
If you are either in a hotel, Air B&B or a Hotel and you are alone, you may feel a bit better about security if you had your own abilities to make sure it’s locked, regardless of who has a key to enter. It’s an inexpensive way to get a bit more security. This Travel Lock in a 2pc Priced at less than $20.00 can equal tons of great naps and more restful nights.

AstroAI Mini Fridge ( Travel)

This mini fridge has made several video viewings for TikTok made me buy! This little fridge has several uses besides just being adorable! It can be used with a cigarette lighter adapter or a normal Canadian plugin so that you can use this mini fridge everywhere. It can keep your lunch and medication cold. Some people even keep their cosmetics in it. It’s tiny and compact and can be easily stored anywhere in your office cubical. This makes an adorable kitchen gadget as well as a practical travel car device.

Mini Garbage

Great Gift Idea for Teenagers with their first set of wheels, ou a girl of accessories and details, and you want to force yourself into keeping a clear car of wrappers or tiny bits by using a Mini Garbage can. It could also easily be used in your bathroom to throw in your used cotton balls etc., when you are finished getting ready for the day. It’s Cute, it’s compact, what else is there to say about it?

Famous Leggings – Buttocks (Someone has looked)

I’m sure if you have been a user on TikTok the last year, you have seen these somewhere online. Leggings that make your butt look fabulous pants. There are so many different ones found on Amazon, the one we’ve chosen to link to seems to have the least amount of bad reviews about the fabric – but do a search for ” Butt Shapewear,” and you will find a variety; of options! Another tip on purchasing clothing on amazon is always to read the reviews when shopping for sizes for this TikTok made me buy purchase.

Roller Shoes ( Roller Skate Shoes)

Roller Shoes are Trendy again! Tiktok made me buy! with everyone trying to find exercise and entertainment – these will combine for the whole family! Another famous TikTok product to be found online. Many positive reviews about the Quality, and these Roller Shoes actually raise, so it’s more like a True Roller Skates vs the built-in roller! It looks like a lot of fun if you have lots of payment to use on.

Popular Tiktok Made Me Buy Kitchen Gadgets

Electric Peeler

Everyone these days hates peeling potatoes, and this kitchen gadget is making its Fame on TikTok; you can use it for peeling multiple vegetables and fruits, but it’s mostly used for potatoes when you see this live on Tiktok. Most reviews are somewhat positive. You can find on amazon.ca a variety of different brands of Electric Peelers, but it seems Starfruit is the one that everyone is commenting about when it comes to the kitchen Gadgets you didn’t know you needed.

Bagel Slicer

If you are a Bagel Fan and always love a toasted Bagel, this Bagel slicer might be the kitchen gadget of your dreams. One of the popular 2021 TikTok products reviewed this spring is what to purchase on Amazon. It can also be used for English Muffins and Other pastries. According to Amazon.ca, tons of reviews positively spark how sturdy this device is and how well it is cut. The only negative was how large it was, and if you don’t eat many Bagels, you might be better off just using a bread knife.

Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Kitchen Drawer Organizer Tray

We all have that junk drawer that we hide stuff in or the Miscellaneous spot where things randomly go! Here’s a great organizer for your junk drawer. It has angles and layers, which help things from falling out and easy to see without taking up the room like dollar store organizer trays. I can totally see how someone could say, “TikTok made me buy.”

Gravity Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder Set,


So Leek Looking, and I love the lighted ends. With this new gadget, you no longer have to Grind salt and pepper, turn it to use, and it will take auto grind for you. Romantic candlelight dinner, you no longer have to worry about how much salt and pepper you are using. Chances are, this would be a great gift for someone in your life.

PrepWorks Zip Slicer Pro

I love Cherry Tomatoes and Grapes, but I want to chop up tiny fruit and want a way to speed up the chopping process – Check out Prepworks zip slicer pro. Very sharp blade, and great reviews from the users with a purpose.

Silicone Dish Drying Mat

Washing dishes by hand can sometimes be a pain when your dishes are overflowing, and the cloth drying mats always need washing. Still, with this silicone drying mat, you can easily wash it, and with all its little grooves, your glass won’t be slipping, especially you’re fine wine glasses.

Kitchen Utensil Rest,

Great Gadget idea for anyone’s kitchen, especially for the cook that hates to clean. Set the pot lid and utensil on this silicone mat designed to help you keep yourself organized and clean while you cook, allowing you not to have to spend time cleaning up as you cook.

Daisy Plastic Egg Separator

Do you hate balancing a broken eggshell to separate the yolk from the whites? This cute little Daisey plastic egg separator will make your life a little easier, especially if you use many whites for baking or on a diet that only allowed egg whites. Another Gadet TikTok made me buy an Item.

Whisk Wiper

The Whisk! The Famous loved and Hated Whisk! It works so well but a pain to clean, well no more complaining, Get a Whisk and cleaner all in One! Great gift idea for the chef in your life or for the person who loves baking and cooking sauces.

Gold Proto Future Strainer Set

Perfect Gift Idea for those that love Gold! This strainer set is in Stainless steel, or you can find gold painted with this brand. Its sale price is not low, but this idea of a 3 set strainer set that can match your rose gold trim in your kitchen could be the make-or-break-it deal. Great amazon finds on TikTok and can be found in action on the Tiktok app!

Last but not least of amazon finds

the Famous TikTok star projector

Last but not leaf, the famous Light projector with stars perfect for any bedroom regardless of age. Many TikTok reviews on this bad boy, and that’s why we left it for last as we felt it’s been over a ton, and has been around long enough its almost boring, but great gift idea for the person who has everything, especially children who are hard to put to bed.

We didn’t list the variety of Led lights that can be purchased – Overdone, and way too many options to choose from, including battery, solar and not to mention size and brands or no name for amazon finds