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Halloween Dresses to Wear to the office




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Halloween is right around the corner! Perhaps this year you want to be subtle and not be “dressed up in theme” but with so many awesome dresses out there – You can still be dressed for the part- or just add a little flare at your office day job for the holiday season of Halloween! Or perhaps you have a Halloween Wedding or other primary fun-filled night to attend – First Date – Anniversary etc.

List of 7 Great Halloween Dresses at Amazon Canada!

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1950’s Sleeveless Halloween Party Dress

Get this subtle party dress in time for the Halloween Season! Filled with moons and pumpkins – You will look awesome in any Halloween party or dinner date! Great if you have a Halloween wedding to attend as well.

This Dress varies from $32.00 to $35.00 depending on size.

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Casual Peter Pan Collar Flare Dress

A dress that can be worn as part of a costume or you can simply wear it to work! I love dresses that can be dual purposed when making a purchase! Or Dress up as Wednesday off Adam’s Family! Either way, this dress is a win!

Priced at $35.99

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imageFloral Skull Dress! 

This adorable daytime dress is perfect for any Halloween party, or perhaps a day dress at work to showed you tried, without a full-blown costume. Just remember to Size up one size when ordering as this line of dresses runs a bit small.

Priced at $33.95 with a coupon for $2.00 off.

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Skull Floral Dress!

Very similar to or the same fabric as the Halloween dress above, but with a different neckline cut. It’s simple, and what’s nice about these styles of Halloween dresses, they can be worn again and again, even a few times in the month of October.

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Pumpkin Dress

This is an adorable Halloween inspired dress with Jack o lanterns all over the skirt with a straight blacktop From the reviews, it’s not the best quality, but a great novelty dress for the price. it has a very stretchy top, but not a stretchy waist, so make sure you order a size up in this dress.

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A Batty Dress!

This is a nice subtle dress, that doesn’t scream: Halloween” so much, but would be great for any office setting for a casual Friday in the month of October, or perhaps even the day of Halloween if needed.


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Flirty Pumpkin Dress

This is an adorable Pumpkin Halloween Dress! It’s vintage-looking, yet can definitely be worn during the day and would make an adorable dress if you were a teacher. if you really want it to flair, the reviews suggest a Petticoat to go underneath.

Priced at $36.99

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Halloween Dresses to Wear to the office


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