Halloween is right around the corner! Perhaps this year you want to be subtle and not be “dressed up in theme” but with so many awesome dresses out there – You can still be dressed for the part- or just add a little flare at your office day job for the holiday season of Halloween! Or perhaps you have a Halloween Wedding or other primary fun-filled night to attend – First Date – Anniversary etc.

List of 7 Great Halloween Dresses at Amazon Canada!

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lady wearing a black dress with a bit of purple and skulls on the skirt part of the dress

Purple Skull Design Skirt Dress

Dress it down or dress it up by adding a petticoat for under the skirt part of the dress to give that full look.  The long sleeves make it a perfect dress for the office on Halloween if you want to add some Halloween to your day, but don’t want to wear a full costume, or your work conduct may not allow you to wear a costume.

Priced at $22.99

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Black background dress with Red Ross's and gold leaves with the odd clown on it

Red Roses & Clown Dress Vintage Flair

If you are a Skull and Rose gal at Heart, you will fall in love with this Vintage Flair as it’s covered with skulls and roses with a touch of clowns in the background. the print is solid on the dress and can be worn with or without a petticoat depending on the look you want for this Halloween.

Priced between $19.99 and $34.99 depending on the size.

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Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus Long Sweater

It’s long enough to be a dress, but I think this Sweater would look fantastic with either jeans or some black leggings,  It looks so cozy and warm for our Winter Halloween. It’s definitely great casual wear for the holiday of Halloween.

Priced at $34.99

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maxi dress with large skeleton head covering his face with both hands at the top and similar to the skirt at the bottom the maxi dress

See No Evil Maxi Dress

I love this maxi dress. Perfect for those of you ladies that are wanting to hide your waist, or for anyone wanting to have flow this Halloween without the trouble adding stockings and terrible fabric dresses. Perfect length for any Halloween event,

Priced at $17.99

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Casual Peter Pan Collar Flare Dress

A dress that can be worn as part of a costume or you can simply wear it to work! I love dresses that can be dual purposed when making a purchase! Or Dress up as Wednesday off Adam’s Family!  Either way, this dress is a win!

Priced at $35.99

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Floral Skull Dress! 

This adorable daytime dress is perfect for any Halloween party, or perhaps a day dress at work to showed you tried, without a full-blown costume. Just remember to Size up one size when ordering as this line of dresses runs a bit small.

Priced at $33.95 with a coupon for $2.00 off.

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A Batty Dress!

This is a nice subtle dress, that doesn’t scream: Halloween” so much, but would be great for any office setting for a casual Friday in the month of October, or perhaps even the day of Halloween if needed.


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Flirty Pumpkin Dress

This is an adorable Pumpkin Halloween Dress! It’s vintage-looking, yet can definitely be worn during the day and would make an adorable dress if you were a teacher.  if you really want it to flair, the reviews suggest a Petticoat to go underneath.

Priced at $36.99

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