The traditional kid’s advent calendar has had a total makeover in the last decade. No longer are your average pictures and candies behind each door; now, you can find fabulous countdown calendars filled with wine, tea, beauty products and more adult advent calendar 2023 Canada

Best Advent Calendar 2021 Canada: Unique List of Advent Calendar 2021 Canada. Give a Gift that gives for 24 days! Great Makeup Advent Calendars, Wine, beer, socks, collectables and More!

Adult Advent Calendar 2023 Canada: Unique Ideas

This is an impressive list of Advent Calendar 2023 Canada. Give a Gift that gives for 24 days! Great Makeup Advent Calendars, Wine, beer, socks, collectables and More!

Advent Calendars are a great old and new tradition to start with those loved ones this holiday season. Someone can enjoy it for a whole month, and each day, they will think of you as they open up the box of the Day from their home.

Here are some of the cooler Christmas countdowns for Adults arriving in stores near you, or you can shop online with the links below ( Please note some may have affiliate links, and I may earn a small commission )

Due to the popularity of the Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar 2023 Canada, I’ve had to update the page with some more options.  I’ve crossed out all the calendars with zero stock, as we can see if these products will become available again in 2023 or if we will have to wait ..

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Find the Perfect Advent Calendar 2023 Canada

The best pop culture Advent Calendar 2023 Canada

We have Separated the best Pop Culture Advent Calendar 2023 Canada to include Fun Pop Culture!

Funko Dragon Ball Advent Calendar - Advent Calendar 2021 Canada

Dragon Ball Funko Advent Calendar

Step into the world of Dragon Ball with this Advent Calendar 2022 Canada. Each day, you will find a new pocket pop! The figure for our favourite characters. Build your figurine fight or just put all your mini dragons on your desk; it’s a great way to show off some love for one of the most popular animated TV shows ever created.

It is introducing Funko’s Dragon Ball Z Pocket Pop! It features Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo and others in this 24-day calendar with humorous writing about each character on the backside, so it would be difficult not to know who is behind that door every morning, giving you something different each time.

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Lazy Egg Socks- Advent Calendar 2021 Canada

Gudetama 12 Days Advent Box(Socks) 

Introducing the Gudetama 12-Day Advent Socks Box! This year, the countdown to Christmas is in style, with a pair of socks for each day leading up to the big day. Comfy and fun, these socks will surely bring a smile to your face each day you open them. With various colours and styles, there’s something for everyone in this box.

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Marvel Heads Advent Calendar - Advent Calendar 2021 Canada

FunKo Advent Calendar: Marvel 80th Anniversary, 24pc

Welcome to the world of Funko and the Marvel 80th Anniversary Advent Calendar. Celebrate Christmas with your favourite Super Heroes and Super-Villains in Pop this year! Vinyl form. This 24-piece set is perfect for any holiday festivities, with classic characters like Captain America and Spiderman and popular villains like Venom and Juggernaut. Each figure is designed with intricate detail and comes in its holiday-themed display box. With a bit of surprise waiting each day until December 25th, this calendar will surely make your holidays joyful!

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Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Funko Harry Potter Advent Calendar! 

Looking for a creative and engaging way to count the days until Christmas? Well, look no further than the Funko Harry Potter Advent Calendar! This unique calendar features 24 “pocket pop” figures, each representing another character from the Harry Potter universe. From Harry and Hermione to Ron and Dumbledore, there’s undoubtedly a figure everyone will love. With so many iconic characters to collect, this is the perfect way to start or expand your Funko Harry Potter collection.

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Starwars Advent Calender

New from Star Wars – 25 Days of Excitement

This is the first stop. ! Tie yourself down on your rebel cruiser or smuggler’s shuttle because this Star Wars Galactic Calendar will have you out of orbit with excitement.

Introducing the Star Wars Advent Calendar! This unique calendar has 24 days of surprises, with fruity gummies behind each door. Each day brings a new character from Mandalorian, including R2D2, The Child, and more. Plus, four unique surprise gifts are waiting to be discovered.

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Friends Advent Calendar - Advent Calendar 2021 Canada

Friends Advent Calendar – 24 Days of Wonder

If you’re a fan of the famous TV show Friends, this is the advent calendar for you! The Friends Advent Calendar – 24 Days of Wonder includes more than 40 little presents from the program, sure to make any fan ecstatic. With a different gift for each day leading up to Christmas, this calendar is the perfect way to countdown to the holiday.

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The Best Beauty Advent Calendar 2023 Canada

Below, you can find ways to create fantastic gifts this holiday season. Give the gift that gives for a month-long this Christmas season. Warning these sell out early; you may miss your chance, so don’t wait for December to order!


Yves Rocher Advent Calendar - Advent Calendars for Adults

Yves Rocher 24-Day Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar

The countdown to Christmas has never been more fun than with the Yves Rocher Advent Calendar! Behind each door lies a classic must-have from this beloved cosmetics brand, making it the perfect way to try new products or stock up on favourites. Whether you’re looking for the ideal gift for a makeup lover or want to treat yourself, this is the calendar for you!

Inside the reusable compartments, you’ll find everything from skincare to hair care to makeup, all in beautifully- packaged minis that are perfect for travel or on the go. Once all of the products have been used, the compartments can be repurposed as gift boxes or hung on your Christmas tree as festive decorations.

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Body Shop Advent Calendar - Advent Calendar 2021 Canada

Body Shop 25-Day Advent Calendar

The best part of Christmas morning may be little gift boxes stuffed under the tree, but it’s even better this year! Whether you want to treat yourself with one incredible gift every day or not-so-gently coerce your friends and family into getting you these awesome goodies for Christmas, our advent calendar has something for everyone.

Favourites like body cleansers, bath salts, moisturizers and essential oils are inside, along with exciting new arrivals like whipped coffee scrub samplers. Something quick to cram in between shopping trips?

Concern about which Body Shop Calendars? Choose From 3 Different Advent Calendars in 2023 Canada!

Depending on how much you want to spend, Prices range from $89 to $195.00

Check out The Body Shop Coupons & Promotions Page to Save more.

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Lancome Canada Advent Calender for Adults

Lancome’s Beauty Advent Calendar

Start your holiday countdown with this luxurious advent calendar from Lancome. Filled with 24 wonderful beauty surprises, including total and travel-friendly products, this is the ultimate gift for anyone who loves to be pampered. Each day brings a new treat, culminating in a stunning piece of jewelry hidden under the Eiffel Tower on Christmas Eve. With so many amazing surprises in store, this is sure to be a holiday season to remember.

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24 Days Of Clinique Advent Calendar Set


Benefits Advent Calender

Benefit 12-Day Advent Calendar! (Shoppers Drug Mart) 

Is your sister always talking about the latest beauty trends, but you can never keep up? Well, this holiday season, you can be one step ahead of her with the Benefit 12-Day Advent Calendar. This calendar includes 12 beauty products from Benefit, including some of their bestsellers. With a total value of $166.00, this 2032 calendar will make your sister’s holiday season a merry one!

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The Best Socks Advent Calendars




Disney Frozen Ladies 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar

Frozen Disney 12 Days of Xmas Socks Advent Calendar

Frozen socks are the perfect way to celebrate the season while enjoying that holiday spirit. This is one of the best Advent Calendar 2023 Canada will keep your feet snuggly and warm with twelve pairs of assorted Disney Advent Calendars like the  Frozen-themed socks.

From colourful crew socks to no-show socks in just about every colour you can think of, there’s something for everyone!
Your friends will be so jealous they weren’t invited to this fun celebration.

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Xmas socks 12 days - One of the best Advent Calendar 2021 Canada

Ladies Holiday Festive Socks Advent Calendar

It’s the season to be perfectly festive. Ready for all of life’s events with the 12 days of socks lapping at your feet! From cozy thick wool socks in wintertime colours to girly ikat prints for spring weather – you’ll be set up from now through next year. The package can serve as a way-too-pleasant gift for any occasion this holiday season.

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Fun Jewellery DIY Advent Calendars

Bracelet Advent Calendar - Advent Calendar 2021 Canada


Waiting patiently for Santa on Christmas eve is a thing of the past, with the introduction of the festive boxes marked with the days of Christmas, each filled with charms to create jewellery. From December 1 to Dec 24, every day has a special charm that will keep your children entertained while they eagerly wait for more surprises.

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Advent Jewellery

24-Day Jewellery-Making Advent Calendar

Look no further if you’re looking for the best last-minute Millennial gift for your little girl! The MOVINPE Jewelry Advent Calendar 2022 Canada.  Kits are just what you need to keep her excited about Christmas.

Now in its fourth year, this Christmas kit contains 24 GIRLY NOVELTY GIFTS that will delight any little ballerina who loves to do jewelry crafts with their mommy or daddy when they get home from school.

Each box is colourful, shiny, and has something different inside, so there will always be a new surprise waiting every day on December 25th until Kriss Kringle comes down our chimney.  This is a great alternative to your traditional Advent Calendar 2023 Canada.

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Advent Jewellery Calendar - one of our list of best Advent Calendar 2021 Canada

Jewelry Advent Calendar for Women 2023

Contains 24 different kinds of jewelry set accessories, including bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and more for this fun Advent Calendar 2023 Canada women.  Priced at $39.99 Great way to spend the evening making jewelry, and it is the first-ever advent calendar of its kind for holiday joy and one of the best picks on our list of best Advent Calendar

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Charms Adult Advent Calendar

 Advent Calendar Filled with Jewelry Making

Get in the holiday spirit with this limited edition Advent Calendar. Each numbered entry contains a piece of jewelry for you to wear when counting down the days till Christmas, when all your hopes and dreams will come true—if Santa is feeling generous, that is.

Remain stylish during this fabulous season of magic with one of our list of best Advent Calendar 2023

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National Geographic Rock Mineral Fossil Advent Calendar - one of our list of best Advent Calendar 2021 Canada

Rock Mineral & Fossil Advent Calendar

This isn’t your momma’s sock-panty advent calendar! This is the hippest and most fresh way to celebrate Advent yet. Forget old chocolate; we give you 24 seamlessly polished stones that will do wonders for your chakras: amethyst to open up higher consciousness; moss agate, with its grounding and centring properties; clear quartz stimulates the intellect…the list of best Advent Calendar 2023 Canada goes on.

So shop our latest stone set now before they all get snatched up by sophisticated folks like themselves : )

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The best food and alcohol Advent Calendars


Lindt Chocolate Advent Calendar

Lindt Teddy Bear Advent Calendar –

Who doesn’t love Lindt Chocolate? It’s one of my favourites, and I would love to get this calendar this year!  Every Day is a Chocolate bear, with a more massive bear for the 24th Day. So, Lindt Chocolate is one of our list of best Advent Calendar 2023 Canada.

A Chocolate Lovers Dream

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Peppermint Bark from William Soma is one of our list of best Advent Calendar 2021 Canada

William Soma Peppermint Bark Advent Calendar

Spreading Christmas cheer, this creative advent calendar by William Soma is on our list of best Advent Calendars 2023 Canada and an excellent gift for those who can’t resist peppermint bark. Open one of the doors daily to reveal a snowman, toy soldier, Christmas tree or Santa – each made from semisweet chocolate and white chocolate crème with crushed peppermint candy.

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Davids Advent Calendar is one of our list of best advent calendar 2021 Canada

Davids Tea Advent Calendar

This year, get your fill of festive and new flavours with Davids Tea Advent Calendar 2023 Canada. With 24 tea bags inside to be enjoyed beginning December 1st until Christmas Eve on December 24th, you can enjoy this delicious seasonal calendar all month long.

Before Shopping – Check out our Davids Tea Promo Coupon Page

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Godiva Chocolate Advent Calendar- Advent calendar 2021 Canada

Godiva Chocolate Advent Calendar

Start your holiday countdown with our classic GODIVA Advent Calendar. This festive calendar features 24 days of delectable GODIVA chocolate, including fun seasonal pieces like Santa, Snowman, Penguin, traditional milk, and dark and white chocolates. With a different delicious treat behind each door, this calendar will surely bring holiday cheer to your friends and family. Whether you keep it for yourself or give it as a gift, the GODIVA Advent Calendar is a beautiful way to enjoy the holiday season.

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Costco Beer Advent Calendar - one of our list of Advent Calendar 2021 Canada

Costco Liquor Store: Beer Advent Calendar.

Check out your local Costco Liquor store for the 2023 Beer Advent Calendar – one of Canada’s best Advent Calendars in 2022. It’s filled with 24 exclusive imported beers. A Great Idea for almost most men on your holiday list, except for my husband, who doesn’t like beer!

But I would be all over it, like white on rice. I love unique beer but only want to try one, not purchase a case or a 6pk.  The Price I want to save was $60.00 last year, and you can expect to find these Brewer’s Advent Calendar 2023 Canada on sale in October.

Also, Check out Wine Advent Calendars for adults at your local Costco Liquor Store.


Whiskey Advent Calendar

Liquor Store Advent Calendars!

Check out your local Liquor Stores, and ask about Advent Calendar 2022 Canada; some of them can probably order some pretty unique Advent Calendars  for adults similar to Kennigtons in Calgary, where you can pick up, if local, a Case of KML Whiskey for $385.00