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In the last decade, the traditional kid’s advent calendar has had a total makeover. No longer are your average pictures and candies behind each door; now, you can find cool countdown calendars filled with wine, tea, beauty products and more.


With the traditional Holidays looking mighty different this year with the pandemic and all the uncertainty of what it will look like, – Will there be a Christmas work party? Will, there be a large gathering around the holidays,

Advent Calendars are a great old and new tradition to start with those loved ones this holiday season. It’s something someone can enjoy for a whole month, and each day they will think of you as they open up the box of the Day from the comfort of their own home.


Here are some of the cooler Advent Calendars for Adults arriving in stores near you, or you can shop online with the links below ( Please note some may have affiliate links, and I may earn a small commission )




Advent Calendars – Makeup

Below you can find Skincare & makeup Advent Calendars and Three Sephora Advent Calendars Canada can order from.

Yves Rocher Advent Calendar

Yves Rocher 24 Day Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar

The 2020 Yves Rocher Advent Calendar is filled with makeup, skincare, body care and fragrance products. This Calendar is priced at $69.99 and has a total value of $148.00. Also, Don’t forget to check out our Yves Rocher Coupons & Discounts Page to check out any other ways to save.

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Body Shop

Body Shop 25 Day Advent Calendar

If you or someone you love loves the store Body Shop and likes all the fun smells of great beauty products! Enjoy this Advent Calendar, where you have great fun with 25 products to use and try. The Body Shop currently has three different Advent Calendars to Choose from, Ranging from $69 to $169.00 depending on the gift package. Before Shopping at The Body Shop – Check out The Body Shop Coupons & Promotions Page to Save more.

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Sephora Advent Calendar

Sephora: L’Occitane Classic Advent Calendar

Twenty-four irresistible beauty products are in this Beauty Calendar, Includes everything from moisturizer to perfume! Great for a loved one on your list that is very much into beauty products. It’s a Little Pricey at $84.99 Cdn, but you do get a ton of products to try.

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Benefit Advent Calendar

Benefit 12 Day Advent Calendar! (Sephora) 

This Beauty 12 Day Advent Calendar has 12 beauty products from the Brand Benefi and includes mascara, eyebrow pencils and other top-selling products. It has a steep price tag of $88.00 but has a total value of $166.00. Would make a great gift idea for that hard to purchase lady in your world, such as your sister.

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Biotherm Advent Calendar

Biotherm 24 Day Advent Calendar

This 24 Day Beauty Advent Calendar is priced at $99.00 but is valued at $275.00, so it would make an excellent gift for the Biotherm Fan in your life! It’s a perfect way for any beauty lover to try out a whole line of fabulous products.

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NYX Calendar

NYX Sugar Trip 24 Day Advent Calendar! 

This calendar is a Great Gift to purchase for your daughter. It’s a great way to try out some different shades and products all in one month! It’s priced at $37.50 ( Regular $75.00), and you may even get 20% off when you sign up for the NYX newsletter.

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Kiehrs advent Calendar

kiehls Skin Care Advent Calendar 

The Kiehls Advent Calendar has several skincare products. We will have more details once the 2020 advent calendar is released to find the prices etc. Before Shopping Check out our Kiehls Coupons page to save a few additional dollars.

Click Here to Purchase ( Coming soon)


Pet Advent Calendars

Cat Treats Advent Calendar

Cat Treat Advent Calendar! (24 Days)

These treats are made in Canada! Get this Cat Treat Advent Calendar for the Feline Friend in your home or to a Crazy Cat Lady in your world! It is a great way to try out various treats for a kitten or fussy Cat! This advent calendar includes 23 Treats and One Felt Toy Ball. All Treats contain no additives, corn or wheat and made from cod, salmon, chicken or turkey.

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Dog Treat Advent Calendar

Dog Treat Advent Calendar ( 24 Days) 

23 Days Of Delicious And Nutritious Treats Plus One Toy for the 24th. All Treats are 100% Pure Natural Freese-Dried, Single Ingredient: Beef Liver, Pork Liver, Salmon Or Chicken All Treats contain No Additives, No Preservatives. Great for the Loyal Dog Lover, or perhaps your own Fabulous Dog of the house

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Fun Pop Culture Advent Calendars 



Hasbro Socks Advent Calendar

Hasbro Sock Advent Calendar! 

Yes! This is a Great Way to Purchase Socks for those teenagers in your life! You get 12 pairs of Cool Socks! a Great Gift Idea for the Teenager in your world. It’s practical and fun! Priced at $25.28 ( Works out to just over $2.00 a pair)

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Lazy Egg Socks

Gudetama 12 Days Advent Box(Socks) 

Suppose you or a loved one loves the Gudetama! They will love this sock Advent Box, which contains 12 pairs of Gudetama socks! Priced at $22.99, makes these cute socks are less than a toonie a pair.

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More Sock advent Calendars to Choose from at



Marvel Heads Advent Calendar

FunKo Advent Calendar: Marvel 80th Anniversary, 24pc

Great Advent Gift for any Marvel Fan Collector! Get a 24 pc of Marvel Pocket POPs of all of your favourite Marvel characters. Priced at $75.00 Cdn, but from the reviews, it’s a great box overall, even the box itself, there was only one Negative review about a pocket pop missing in one of the 24 boxes.

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Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Funko Harry Potter Advent Calendar! 

Great Advent Gift for the Harry Potter Collector! Get a 24 pc of Harry Potter POPs of all of your favourite Potter characters. Priced at $83.00 Cdn, but from the reviews, the only Negative Reviews were about duplication from years previous, so if this is a gift to be original, you will be a star at this year’s Xmas activities.

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Food /Drink Advent Calendars

Jam Advent Calendar

Bonne Maman 2020 Advent Calendar at 

The Bonne Maman’s advent calendar is great for the toast and Jam person. You will get a new window box each Day with a unique jam ( mini fruit spreads or honey). Some of the flavours include white Nectarine & Peach, Apricot & Mango, Rhubarb & Strawberry, Pineapple & Passion Fruit, Raspberry & Lychee.

It’s Currently Not Available yet, But hopefully, it will be in Stock Shortly.

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Lindt Chocolate Advent Calendar

Lindt Teddy Bear Advent Calendar – $49.99

Who doesn’t love Lindt Chocolate! It’s one of my favourites, and I would love to get this calendar this year! Every Day is a Chocolate bear, with a more massive bear for the 24th Day.

A Chocolate Lovers Dream

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Davids Tea Advent Calendar

Davids Tea Advent Calendar 

The Davids Tea Advent Calendar is perfect for a Tea Lover, or even a person you may not know that well, as it provides flavour and something different to enjoy. Great Gift Idea for that new mother in law, or perhaps for that lady on your list with everything and is hard to purchase for. Before Shopping – Check out our Davids Tea Promo Coupon Page 

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Costco Beer Advent Calendar

Costco Liquor Store: Beer Advent Calendar.

Check out your local Costco Liquor store for the 2020 Beer Advent Calendar. It’s filled with 24 exclusive imported beer. A Great Idea for almost most men on your holiday list, well except for my husband, he doesn’t like beer! But I would be all over it, like white on rice. I love unique beer but only ever want to try one and not purchase a case or a 6pk. The Price I want to save was $60.00 last year, and you can expect to find these Brewer’s Advent Calendars on sale in October 2020.

Also, Check out Wine Advent Calendars at your local Costco Liquor Store.

Whiskey Advent Calendar

Liquor Store Advent Calendars! 

Check out your local Liquor Stores, and ask about Advent Calendars; some of them can probably order in some pretty unique Advent Calendars similar to Kennigtons in Calgary, where you can pick up, if local, a Case of KML Whiskey for $385.00 


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