Buying a Christmas gift is an important task. It takes time to get it right. You will want to buy a gift that is thoughtful and that he’ll actually use. Even if he says he “doesn’t need anything,” there are Christmas gift ideas here to suit all sorts of dads. As you look at these gifts that suit every budget, keep in mind all the most important men in your life; your dad, your stepdad, your father-in-law – even your husband.  Gifts for Dad can be challenging at times, as they always say they don’t need anything, or if they are like my husband, they just go buy their own stuff all year long.

Looking For Something Practical?

Christmas Gifts for Dad Under $30

Wireless Charging Hubs a Practical Dad Gift

$ 16.99
The wireless charging hubs feel like something from the future; place a compatible device on the surface, and it will charge by being on the platform. No wires or plugs are needed. This can live on his desk or the countertop – and provided his devices are compatible, they’ll charge!

Practical Dad Christmas Gift for the Handyman

$ 18.99
The best sort of gift is something that a dad would definitely get a lot of use out of but might not think to buy it for themselves. That’s where this magnetic wrist toolbelt comes into its own. Keeping small, metal objects like screws and washers right there to hand exactly as DAD needs them can reduce the number of accidents had while fishing around in a tool belt around his waist. Safety first!

Practical Christmas Gift for the Dad who loves the outdoors 

$ 21.99
This Bluetooth speaker is both portable and water-resistant. That means it could withstand the steam and vapour of the bathroom so he can sing along in the shower, but don’t fully submerge it in the water. Perfect if your dad likes to spend time hiking outdoors – where it could be clipped to his rucksack or inside his tent. It’s robust enough to live inside a garage, where it can be playing his favourite hits while he tinkers inside the man cave.


Great Stocking Idea for the Dad that has everything!

For the Dad that needs light

$ 24.97
Rechargeable flashlights have been available for a while but weren’t really powerful enough to be useful. But this Tactical Flashlight has 1200 lumens, includes a flashing SOS feature and is waterproof.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad Under $100

For the Dad that loses his phone or keys

$ 39.99
If your dad keeps losing his keys, consider getting him a Tile Pro. as a Christmas Gift idea.  This incredibly practical gift can be attached to anything that has a tendency to “go missing” and has a 400-foot range – meaning you can check the location of the missing object on your phone’s tracker!


The Popular Yeti Travel Mug

For the Dad who has everything, he may need a new travel mug! And I have seen everyone rave about the Yeti travel mug, they are not cheap for a travel mug, but they must work well to keep drinks hot and cold with massive insulation technology.



For the Dad who suffers from back pain


We all end up with sore backs from time to time, this would make a swell gift for your dad that can easily be attached to his favourite Man chair and get some relief from pain with this Memory foam lumbar support.

For the Dad, that needs more Sleep 

This sleep aid from Dodow helps people to fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep for longer. Using light to create a relaxing breathing rhythm, this sleep aid can help people reclaim hundreds of lost sleep hours each year. This is a great Christmas gift idea for the dads out there that need more sleep!

For the Dad that loves the Kitchen

$ 86.92
If your dad is handy in the kitchen (and especially if he isn’t!), he can’t go wrong with a panini press. He makes the sandwich of his choice, and using the special “floating lid” design of the press, turns a boring midday snack into something warm, toasted and inviting.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad with Special Interests

Christmas Gifts Ideas Under $50…for Dad

For the Dad that loves his Bar

$ 19.99
If your dad likes to drink bottled drinks – alcoholic or soft drinks – he’ll likely be pretty fed up with having to collect up the bottle caps. But this bottle opener and cap collector makes cleaning up easy – and he can even keep the caps for craft projects like tabletops or collections. This can be wall-mounted inside or outside the home to make a unique gift.

Monthly Subscriptions a Great Idea for Christmas


Beer Monthly Subscription

For the Dad that loves Beer

Starting from $44.95
How about a monthly subscription to Canada’s largest monthly craft beer curation package? With total contract flexibility, the ability to skip months and curate collections, and a host of additional member benefits, this gift would suit a craft beer aficionado. A Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

Master Class

For the Dad that loves to learn 

The masterclass is a way for your dad to learn a special interest at his own pace. Memberships are paid annually, and access is granted to any of the celebrity taught classes in a huge range of topics, including business, design, writing, music, government, or sciences. There really is something to suit every interest.

A Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad….. Something Personalized?


Travel Mug

For the Dad who loves coffee

Travel mugs are a great gift in themselves; they’re practically useful, they’re hard-wearing, and it’s almost impossible to have too many of them. But this one, with a personalized, monogrammed leather cuff, is something extraordinary. Available in several colourways, this thoughtful gift will make sure no one steals his mug!


Decanter christmas idea for dad

For the Dad that has a bar

Starting from $34.96+
This whisky decanter and glasses are personalized, classic and timeless. A thoughtful gift for any occasion, but particularly special at Christmas time. Paired with a bottle of a favourite whisky, this could be a favourite gift idea for dad for years to come.

For the Dad who plays Guitar! 

Priced at $13.99

If your dad is a musical sort, then he will love this adorable guitar pick! It’s cute, small and thin, and would make a great stocking gift this year.



Self Care & Personal Grooming Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

Christmas gift idea for dad Beard Set

For the Dad who has a Beard 

$ 35.91
This beard kit has everything your dad could need to groom his facial hair into something tamed and sleek. The kit includes beard shampoo, soothing balm, oil treatments, a beard comb, a boars hairbrush, and stainless steel scissors. It even includes a beard shaping tool so he can get that high-quality barber finish at home.

Novelty Neck Ties Christmas Gift Ideas

For the Dad who wears ties

A subscription box is a great gift because your dad will know you’re thinking of him throughout the year, not just at Christmas. We particularly like this novelty necktie subscription box starting from $14.95 a month: Dapper, amusing, and a sure conversation starter.

For the Dad that Loves To tell Dad jokes?

$9.51 Dad Jokes are a family staple… but you could probably use a few new ones by now – am I right? This dad joke book is the sort of light read that he can keep at the side of his chair and dip into as the mood strikes him. A joke book is probably one of the most classic Christmas gifts you could have!

Paired with this 365 tear-off dad joke calendar, and he’ll be giggling all year to himself. No promises that you’ll find them as entertaining, though!

For The Adventure Dad

The Great Canadian Bucket List is a fantastic, practical book that’s sure to inspire the imagination. This book includes stories, suggestions and stunning photography. Make some plans with your dad this Christmas to have some adventures together!

For the Dad Who loves to Smoke Meat!


Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto [A Cookbook] Hardcover is a great idea for the dad that is very much into trying to Smoke Meat or Barbeque! It might give Dad some more ideas to try at the next family BBQ. The Book is from Amazon

hot sauce making kit christas gift idea for dad

For the Dad who loves Hot Sauce! 

$ 66.99
If he likes spicy food, what about a make your own hot sauce kit? This comes with everything you need, including empty bottles, ph sticks and food preparation gloves. With fantastic attention to detail, dad could be making homemade custom hot sauce in next to no time!

For the Dad who loves to Create Models 

$ 99.99
Crafts are something you don’t necessarily think of with the men in your life, but they love building and creating things. They will love this Nasa Apollo Saturn V Airfix kit – they may even have had the original release in the 60s, which would be a trip down memory lane for them. Be warned, though, they might ask for your help!

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